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Tacoma Council member pulls the race card on the Firearms debate. - passes taxes


The reason I asked is because one news report I watched today the person said
" well, like Seattle they will see very little benefit of the tax because nearly all gun retailers have left"
In Tacoma it should be even worse. Seattle is much larger. For some it may be a bit of a drive to go outside the city. In Tacoma no matter where you live it's a simple short drive to buy outside the limits. Ammo? Same thing. Plenty of places outside the city. So as word spreads I suspect sales will plummet in the city.


How did this country ever make it this far without the insight and guidance of these geniuses? Just put it in perspective. At one time it was unthinkable to trek across country without a gun. Now it's illegal to actually do it.


Lets call this exactly what it really is, an effort to rid the city of gun stores and gun related business, and, in the long run, GUNS.

This is a back door way for libtards such as these to ban guns.

It is just their way of getting around "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"

As it is just that, infringement.

Just ask yourself what would happen if newspapers or TV stations were taxed per word?

You could say they were taking unfair advantage of the first amendment and spreading lies and fake news so thus a tax per published or spoken work would be appropriate so the city could insure fairness and true free speech.

How would that go over?

In my opinion anything guaranteed in the constitution should not be able to be "hindered infrenged or interfered" with by "any government entity" at any level and if the judges in this country had any balls, that would be the way they SHOULD/WOULD see it.

If you cant touch the first amendment, free speech, why can you do what ever you feel like to the 2nd amendment, oh, ya, because you don't agree with it, that is why...

Last edited: 8 to 0 vote? You’re telling me that not one member was a representative of a district that opposes this...(say, the district containing Aero)?

Corrupt politicians be corruptin’.

Can’t wait to see how this money somehow disappears to someone’s kid’s consulting firm :rolleyes:
This has nothing to do with taxes...they were able to pass a similar 'tax' in Seattle, and despite it failing miserably to deliver as advertised, it 'succeeded' spectacularly in its real goal (drive gun shops out of Seattle).

It was a great showing for the 2A side in Tacoma, but unfortunately also it showed how a council can look at overflowing rooms of law-abiding citizens, smirk, and say 'Sucks to be you.'.

Much like the 'hearings' last year...time after time, the 2A arguments were ignored/dismissed (the CG supporters had already made up their minds and NOTHING was going to change that)...the 5 yays, 4 nays, "...and the measure passes.". Now with Jinkins as Speaker those will now all make it on the floor for a vote. FUDDS and complacents are going to have a rude awakening in about 5 years when their turn comes up...

Lets call this exactly what it really is, an effort to rid the city of gun stores and gun related business, and, in the long run, GUNS.
Exactly - this goes without saying.
it 'succeeded' spectacularly in its real goal (drive gun shops out of Seattle).
What was the approximate percentage of gun shops that actually left Seattle?
With regard to all of this it would be nice to see a Pro 2 organization develop a 'watchdog' group with the purpose of holding the city accountable for every cent of the 'tax' received from this and to show exactly what it is used for and how it is benefitting those suffering the 'negative effects of guns'.
Could this be done ?
It should be. I often read posts where someone says 'We need to (do/stop this or that)' with regard to gun laws and it seems this could be a plausible and realistic approach to, in effect, force the city to prove what (if any) benefit this tax is having.


Most, if not all, anti private gun ownership* zealots believe that there's a tipping-point at which gun owners will give up their toys (yes, that's how they perceive us)... when our little playthings and phallus compensators get too expensive, we'll simply throw our hands in the air and give up. An actual "Hands up, don't shoot" scenario.

This goes hand-in-hand with their rationale that if we love our toys so much, we should be happy to pay whatever price we must to retain them. That price is, of course, dictated by them and is non-negotiable.

*There are very few liberals who actually hate guns. Even the ones who profess to hating all guns actually LOVE them, they just don't want you or I to have them. They enforce their agendas at gunpoint, they compel adherence and force compliance at gunpoint. And, they proscribe to Mao Zedong's contention that "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"... a phrase he coined and used during several speeches and addresses. Not unironically, during their civil war in the 1920s and 30s. They LOVE guns... they hate YOU.



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