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I already have my "Militia" set up and running, most have their own weapons, which for the most part share ammo at the least, and we have fuel and food enough to go around for a pretty long stretch, most importantly, we also have worked out several contingencies and plans should the need arise! There are enough of us with specialized skills to make for an effective force, combined with the training most of us got along the way, as long as we all follow the game plan, things should work out well! Beyond that, having defendable space, distance, and security is a must have, reliable and secure coms, and a means to move with out attracting unwanted attention are the final dimensions we had to sort out! After that, it's all in God's hands and a run of luck!
Well, this is a fun intellectual exercise... I think it would depend on the objective. If the goal is to arm the population in anticipation of an external threat of some kind (i.e. invading army), that is one thing, whereas if we're talking more along the lines of ensuring civil protection in the absence of rule of law, that's completely different. The former would provide a common goal for the community to unite in support of, it would encompass a broader segment of the population (draft vs volunteer), and one would assume the imminent threat would make it more likely and easier to enforce training standards (having to work as a unit to defeat a common foe). The latter we would have to assume a smaller segment of the population would be armed, it would be volunteers, and the training/standards would need to be centered around domestic policing/conflict resolution as opposed to combat.

Here's my stab at it...

Arming to defend against an external threat I would standardize on AR, Glock, and Mossberg patterns in 9mm, 5.56, .308, and of course 12ga.
  1. Primary rifle = AR15
  2. Sidearm = Glock 19
  3. Support weapons
    1. Concentrated Fire & Troop Suppression = AR15 w/ heavy barrel, FRT or bump stock, bipod, and drum mag
    2. Designated Marksman = AR10, heavy barrel, bipod
    3. Sniper = Bolt-Action .308 that takes AR10 mags
    4. CQB / PDW = AR9 SBR that takes Glock mags, or AR15 SBR
    5. Breacher / Misc = Mossberg 500 or similar
  4. Parts, optics, etc. = will vary by application. No optics for basic rifles or troop suppression weapons, maybe 1-8x for DMRs, snipers choose from a few options depending on need, CQB would be red dots, maybe with magnifiers for the AR15 SBRs
  5. Web gear, accoutrements, armor, et al = basic plate carrier with swimmer cut plates, pistol holster on chest, 6 spare mags for primary, 3 for sidearm, ifak, radio, map of area.
Arming to ensure civil protection i would keep it idiot-proof - Mossberg 12ga pump shotguns primarily for people with minimal firearm skills who would be assigned to checkpoints and static posts, taser instead of sidearm, super basic plate carrier with ifak, radio, handcuffs, and spare shells. For those with more firearm experience and higher competence, they would be on patrol and response duty, so Glock 19s and AR9 SBRs w/ red dots would be standard, with some using AR15 SBRs w/red dot/magnifier combos. I would have them set up like LEs, run pistols in standard paddle holsters with 2 spare mags on the belt. 4 spare mags for the primary would be on a standard plate carrier with ifak, radio, handcuffs, taser, mace, map, etc. Not much need for more than that in a community policing/security context.

At one time one could be fined or even face jail time if one turned up to muster with :
A sub standard firearm ...as in something in a uncommon caliber , unfit for militia / military service , or in disrepair , etc...
Less than the required amount of ammunition...usually 60 rounds of powder and ball....
Without a bayonet or tomahawk / long knife.
Or without a firearm of any type.

Interesting how at one time in the country that was to be America and later in America , having firearms and being proficient in their use and upkeep was much sought after , and even a legal requirement.

Nowadays if one brings up the subject of firearms and their use , one may be facing legal trouble or at the least social woes depending on the situation and or circumstances.
It would be depend upon the size of the group. Assuming its for SHTF senario, arming a large amount of people and training them is going to problematic, especially if they never handled a firearm before. In which case, single shots (single loading ) would be easiest preferably in .223.

Organizers or those in command would be equipped with autoloaders like the AR,

There would need specialized training for specific individuals but minimal training overlap for everyone.

Also, the amount of serviceable 'defenders', there will be multiple non-defenders. These could be support people with a few armed with pistols.


As common as AR/AK rifles are a lot of gun owners still don't have them. I know several that a rocking bolt, lever actions or shotguns. Traditional hunters. I know some dads that bought ARs in a rush then traded later for Kimbers or something else.

The US is well armed but a lot is directed towards home or personal defense. ARs are taboo to a lot of people still. I acknowledge millions of ARs but "those are for Trumpers. I don't want to hurt anyone. I just have a pistol".

Unfortunately, a lot of neighborhoods are no longer tribes. I don't know who is mentally soft as a grape. But I would seek those who have something to fight for over those who worry about something to lose.
Let Freedom Ring
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