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  1. Tony617

    EMP Shield

    I was looking at an EMP Shield. I have no experience this product but does any one have one? They also make them for homes, cars, solar panels, and generators. The Worlds First Entire Home EMP protection Device | EMP Shield
  2. ATCclears

    A Powerful Solar Storm Likely Detonated Dozens of U.S. Sea Mines During the Vietnam War
  3. ATCclears

    Carrington Event doesn't appear to be an isolated geomagnetic storm

    Blood Red Skies Over China Explained 300 Years Later
  4. C

    EMP threats overhyped?

    I keep reading on how EMP is gonna fry everything that uses electricity and so on, but doing some research beyond wikipedia and looking at US Govt information, and older records of EMP tests.... it strikes me as odd that it seems to be only the "preppers" segment who are claiming that EMP events...
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