WTS/WTT OR SOLD......TIRED OF THE HEAT ? 42" PORTABLE FAN ( 14,000 + cfm ) $250.00 obo

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    Ended up with a few of these after T/M job and still sitting . I don't have purpose/need for the fan but I always need ammo/cash . The fans were used for the ( 1 ) job and here they have sat .
    Triangle Engineering model SPL 4213. Portable Fan Heat Buster Slim Design . 42 Inch Belt Drive (self adjusting/spring mounted 550 volt single speed 7.5 amp motor . Portable Blower Fan Heat Buster Slim Design . This thing flat moves some air ( 14,445 CFM ) Blades are fully enclosed ( bomb proof ) Save your energy and your reputation . Your guys will remember you buying them a real fan ( no heat-stroke )
    With a sticker price of $700-$900 ( we paid $8 + change ) I am KINDA firm of my $250.00 asking price BUT.......feel free OBO . Possible full or partial trade for 5.56/223 ammo ????? Say 1,000 rds steel case and I'll help you load on your truck .
    This will be limited to FTF pick-up in Molalla . Sorry I am already tired of this sweat-filled weather . Hit those keys if needed folks . IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE FAN......KEEP EVERYONE HYDRATED . BUT DON'T FORGET HOW IT FEELS TO BE ANGRY-HOT-HYDRATED . PERFECT STORM :mad::(:confused::mad::mad::mad:

    fan 001.JPG

    fan 003.JPG
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