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SHTF Economics

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by armedredneck, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. armedredneck

    armedredneck Oregon Active Member

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    I've read through some of the other threads on here and found a few hints and ideas here and there, but decided I wanted to culminate those into one thread. Maybe you guys have already done this one in the past and I missed it. If I did, sorry and here you go again.


    I have two questions to pose and would appreciate y'all's input.

    1. What items would you stock up to replace currency? Meaning, what are you stocking purely with the intention of using for trade later?

    My Answer: Ammunition in popular calibers and booze.

    2. What skillsets/jobs do you see as valuable or needed in a post-SHTF world? While answering please assume that currency is a thing of the past and your compensation will not be monetary in the traditional sense.

    My Answer: I have no friggin' idea that's why I'm asking you guys.

    I'm really curious to see what kind of answers I get. Especially to number 2. (But please take the time to answer both).
  2. HalfNutz

    HalfNutz Kirkland (Juanita) Member

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    I stock up on gold, guns and ammo for currency.

    If you don't have a decent trade/skill then you're worthless as anything other than a common laborer.
  3. CHLChris

    CHLChris Portland Metro East Love me some guns! Bronze Supporter

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    Ammo is a great currency. I would definitely have a weapon for every caliber of ammo you have, though. And I would think the cheapest functioning guns would be a good way to trade, as well. Imagine the economic power of not just 100 rounds of 9mm ammo, but a HiPoint and 100 rounds would be a very powerful trading currency.

    Mechanics, to keep engines running from a mixture of parts. Especially skills to build wood gasifiers and such.
  4. terrylf72

    terrylf72 Portland, Oregon, United States Member

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    I have the ammo and guns, silver and working harder on the gold. I have started to buy soap (bar), toothpaste and brushes, water fillters and replacement parts. Have lead and bullet molds for casting.

    Machinest, framer/carpentor, Electronics and electrical skills. been reading up and practicing on my skinning, tanning and leather making/working.
  5. G XXII

    G XXII East Pierce Co New Member

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    TP.... lots of TP
  6. CJ49er

    CJ49er Lake Oswego Member

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    I have been buying silver (which probably wont be worth anything at first, I mean what good will a silver coin do?)

    Ammo, alcohol, tobacco, extra food (to trade with all the 'unprepared' people)

    As far as skills that would come in handy:

    Blacksmith (never know when you may need a quality sword, right? :) )
  7. Just Jim

    Just Jim Well-Known Member

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    Just saying you live through the violence, what would people need when the trucks stop?

  8. Lloyd Braun

    Lloyd Braun Vancouver Active Member

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    ditto lol
  9. Carpenter98312

    Carpenter98312 Washington Member

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    Im a carpenter by trade, but willing to pimp on the side...
  10. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    First Aid, Lockpicking, Carpentry, Herbal Medicine (herbology), Surgery, Mechanical Repair, Marksmanship, Hunting, Trapping, Skinning, Tanning, Blacksmithing, Plumbing, Field Sanitation, Water Purification, Knot Tying, Guerilla Tactics, Land Navigation, *Chemistry...that's all I can think of for now.

    This is one of the reasons why I think I don't have enough time to learn all the skills I need and acquire all the gear I will need before TEOTWAWKI. Each skill set has it's pros and cons...some even overlap. The main thing is to at least print out the material so you at least have it on hand- then slowly read and practice on them when you have the time. Focus on what you can do while you can do it...some of the main things you'll need to do is improve your own physical fitness. Can you run for miles without stopping? Can you carry your survival gear on your pack for 10 miles a day without needing help?

    Physical fitness and overall health means you can recover from injuries faster and are less susceptible to sypmtoms from diseases- there's a reason why the elderly and children are more at risk from dying from simple things like the flu.

    So- print out the thing you think you will need to know (like building a cabin, setting a snare trap, purifying mass quantaties of water, and smoking meat) so you can look it up later.

    *Note: Chemistry is an under-rated skill set whereas you can learn how to make things like solvents, cleaning agents, adhesives, explosives, anethesia and other medical utlities.
  11. gearhead

    gearhead NC Active Member

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    i'm wondering if birth control would be valuable for trade. WSHTF, i don't picture many people wanting to bring children into the world. Then again, sex may be the last thing on people's minds with all the work to be done.
  12. Benny503

    Benny503 Grants Pass Well-Known Member

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    Tampon or Toilet Paper???? :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  13. DakotaMom

    DakotaMom Central North Dakota Member

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    Barter items I've purchased so far...

    Items I got for free using coupons and from free samples
    matches (lots of grocery stores and convenience stores give these away, just gotta ask for them)
    baby wipes
    bar soap
    KFC wipes (if you've seen Book of Eli, you can laugh at this one)...so far I only have 3. :)
    SoyJoy Bars
    Travel size shampoo
    glade candles in travel tins

    Things I have stockpiled to barter that I've paid very little for after coupons

    small cans of coffee
    small lighters
    candy bars
    toilet paper
    packets of seeds

    Ain't no way in **** I'd plan to barter with bullets...who on earth knows who you are bartering with...those bullets might come back to haunt you one day.
  14. tkdguy

    tkdguy Portland, Oregon Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    In addition to all of the above, I'm thinking about small pint size bottles of liquor--just in case. WWW. Survivalistboards.com has lots of info on this.
  15. Carpenter98312

    Carpenter98312 Washington Member

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    wow, how can you trade a suntan. Never would have thaught.
  16. Ragingpit

    Ragingpit Rochester,WA Member

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    Wow, nobody said SEEDS! ( Yelling from the back )

    Do you want to know a lot about a little or do you want to know a little about a lot?

    I think it is a good idea to know a little about a lot of different areas of skills....
  17. EZLivin

    EZLivin SW of PDX Well-Known Member

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    1) Nothing specifically intended for trade. Stocking items that would be critical or important to us in the event of prolonged supply disruption. In a barter situation you trade what you have too much of for what you don't have enough of.

    2) Any skill that allows one to fix/repair/build things. Plus, Farmer, doctor/nurse, herbalist, and of course moonshiner. Oh, and owning a "temp agency" that contracts out Amish people.

    Note: Barter systems are inherently flawed, and are pretty close to useless. A standardized currency system of some sort always develops fairly soon after SHTF (or existing one remains in place). Would likely be foreign currencies, metals, or the existing 'currency of the realm' ($US) depending upon which SHTF occurred. It does not necessarily have to have "real value" (our current paper currency does not) but need only be accepted by the populace as representing value (in a standardized form).
  18. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Alcohol, Tobacco, Cans of SPAM (you'd be surprised what tastes like Filet Mignon if you haven't eaten for a few days). I would think having basic field medical skills would be very valuable.

    I am thinking seriously about putting in a rainwater gathering system for emergency use. Also a good water filtration/purfication system. Lots of kitchen matches and small butane lighters would also be handy.
  19. armedredneck

    armedredneck Oregon Active Member

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    There are several good ideas here. Thanks to all! Some of these items I kind of figured, others I wouldn't have thought of. Like toilet paper. Duh.
  20. cyborg

    cyborg Oregon City Active Member

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    I am thinking that cigarettes would be a great trade item. When the stores run out people will be climbing the walls like crack addicts wanting their smokes. I am not sure how well cigs would last though. I imagine that if you vacuum pack full cartons with O2 absorbers and then pack those into Mylar bags with more O2 absorbers they might last a long time if kept in a cool location. Not sure if merely keepin cigs away from O2 is enough to make them last....maybe the chemicals in them just degrade and break down into other compounds.

    My rule so far has been to only stock things i will eventually use myself. Cigarettes are not something I would use so I am still thinking.