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I got to shoot some 22lr with my eldest kiddo yesterday. The guns are Taurus's M62 and M63.

Did a little range work today. Shot at 25 yards one is the no fail drill. 10 single shots from concealment each under 3.5 seconds. All must be in the black. Second is the decor hat qual draw and 10 shots completed in 14.69 seconds.

AC0ACCD3-E17B-4E51-94B1-D0A06573DD38.jpeg FCEDA0F1-245D-4A19-9CFF-9618C7E0FE04.jpeg 2355C484-8036-4F3C-9738-5210619E6CE7.jpeg


Got out for a bit today to try some new loads in my Ruger PCC and a new sight on my Henry .357 BBB.

I had installed a globe front on the Henry but for some reason it didn't seem to have the same 'feel' as a globe on my 26" Winchester mod 94 so I pulled the globe off the Henry and put a gold bead post style back on it. FIrst shot was a bit high and to the right but an adjustment and a few more rounds and it was dead pinecones at a 100 yards!

Next was a new load for my PCC, a little hotter with 5.5 grains of Unique with 124 grain plated RN and they shot well! There are actually two separate groups on the target, the lower eight were the first and a slight upward adjustment on the sight put them near center with a 6 O'Clock hold.

I might have to slightly adjust the windage but for 50 yards kneeling (windy and cool with cold fingers) I am pretty satisfied.

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This looks like RFGC....
I’m pretty new member there....
Haven’t asked about action bays yet.
pretty fun? Is it a group training course or can one walk in there and John Wick it? I’ve only driven by the bays on way to R/P but never see anything going on in there.

There are events you can participate in that use the action bay, they are listed on the calendar on the website. To use it outside of those events requires an orientation, approval from a board member in charge of any action bay activities, and some extra range responsibilities. Generally the website has good info for who to reach out to, and the rangemaster generally can point you in the right direction also.
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