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  1. A

    Show us your "other" hobbies in pictures!

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, and easily more appreciated than text. Outside of shooting, gun collecting and reloading I enjoy.. Fishing... on the skok... on the Columbia... at Neah Bay... In Puget Sound of course... at Sekiu... If it is harvestable in the Pacific Northwest, I've...
  2. Harpo

    Answered  How many pictures are we allowed to post on One ad?

    How many pictures are we allowed to post on One ad?
  3. JD42

    Resolved  Pictures in Conversations

    Hi how do I send pictures in private messages? We could just load them now I am stumped? Any help thanks
  4. UnionMillsNW

    Tumbling 22LR? Update!

    Hey folks, I just got back from the range and it appears that some of my rounds were tumbling as they hit the target. This is how most rounds impacted I was firing my Ruger Wrangler (4.6" barrel). The ammunition was Federal 38 grain copper-plated hollow points. It has been about...
  5. UnionMillsNW

    Old Hunting Pictures

    Looking through some old photos I came across this picture of my Grandfather circa 1948. He was a Pearl Harbor veteran and claimed he used a rifle he checked out from the Navy armory to take this buck (although he may have embellished a bit). No fancy gear, just a young man and the wild...
  6. 5w30

    Gas piston vs DI rifle with pictures

    I have a gas piston Ruger AR15 and to me it is vastly superior to the original direct impingement design, sorry Stoner... It stays a hell of a lot cooler and cleaner, has an adjustable gas block and comes with only a small weight penalty vs DI. I know Ruger had some issue with carrier tilt...
  7. L

    Trail cam picture of Ellensburg Wolf

    I had I trail camera set up in the hills north east of Ellensburg, (not far from the wind farm) since about mid December and checked it yesterday. When I got up there I found tons of wolf tracks and sure enough I was able to get a picture of a wolf. Just thought it was cool and that I would...
  8. joken

    CZ Pictures

    I finished the Cajun Gun Works upgrades on the PO1 yesterday . New CGW grips and cerakote by me as well. These are very accurate DA/SA guns. The Shadow 2 is a gun that I highly recommend. Both guns are around 2.5lbs SA and 6.5 DA. Either one of these CZ's will put a smile on your face.
  9. Kruel J

    Girl wears AR-10 in college graduation pictures

    I like this story. :) Girl wears gun in viral graduation photos
  10. CountryGent

    Finally looking like Spring

    A couple pictures I took earlier today. Looks like things will start warming up. :)
  11. GRMPS

    Powdercoated Bullet pictures

    Let's post our PC'd bullet pictures These were done using this method How I Powder Coat bullets
  12. brenty

    Pictures of some recent work!

    Hey guys, been a while since I got a chance to post on or browse my favorite forum. Been really busy with the holidays and my son being off school for winter break (hes special needs) and that left me with a lot of work to catch up on. But I wanted to share some of my recent work with you guys...
  13. D

    Powder, See Pictures

    Moved to Classified.
  14. IronMonster

    City threatens Concrete company over pictures of guns and KKK sticker

    City of Milwaukee considers banning company over KKK sticker, firearms displays So here is my take on this. In the story it says the company has 50 million worth of contracts with just the city. So this is a big construction outfit.... And they had a couple of employees who sound like bad...
  15. Fast Eddie

    Family Pictures

    I got a new to me DW 8” .44 Mag, took some pictures with my 686 and 649. Growing my wheel gun family.
  16. Sniper03

    Help with Pictures

    I obviously am not computer literate. So my question is to post a picture on the forum the URL Block opens up! From there what do I have to do to post a picture. *Step by Step please! Thanks Sniper 03
  17. American123

    Post pictures of you teaching the next generation gun safety and appreciation

    I wanted to create a new thread, why? because it is way more interesting than focusing on the 10 page critical analysis paper and other large assignments I have to start and complete before Monday. The future of our second amendment right is only ever one generation away from destruction. Its...
  18. ron

    Guns that are just "Fun to Shoot"

    Let me see your pics of guns that are just plain FUN to shoot Rifle/Pistol. Now I'm an old fart and don't care for recoil. My new fun to shoot 22 handgun. :D:D:D
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