1. A

    AR15 Classification Cheat Sheet With Photos

    In progress I put this cheat sheet together so AR based firearm classification could be more easily identified, regardless of the build stage the firearm is in, for transfer purposes. From lower receiver to complete firearm, I tried to include every conceivable stage. If I missed some let me...
  2. SteveInAshland

    Cheap Diesel Heater (( see attached photos ))

    This is a "Perfection" brand Perfection Heater, made from about the mid 1800's to around the 1950's. They run on both Kerosene and, get this they run regular pump diesel ! ! ! Yup they run great on diesel, withe "clean" wick they don't smoke, specially now that diesel has been low...
  3. ilikegunspdx

    Potential Issue  Photos upload upside down

    Justa heads up I noticed for pics taken with iPhone if it was taken in portrait orientation or if phone was “reversed” when taking photo in landscape orientation, when u upload it it is upside down. I tried rotating it in “photos” on the phone but still uploads as upside down. So there is...
  4. Idaho44

    Winchester 1885 High Wall Hunter Model 1885 45-70 (photos)

  5. T

    Booking photos

    Got a sketch neighbor or suspicious person? You can check booking photos Jailbase app Anyone know of a good one for Washington?
  6. RicInOR

    Question - should photos come with disclaimers as to editing?

    Is this a photo? OR digital art? Should it come with a disclaimer - indicating in broadstrokes what may have been manipulated? Even in camera, you can apply some settings - example film simulation can affect saturation/color. In the era of deep fakes, I am going to assume all images are...
  7. RicInOR

    National  Instagram - Bans Photos Taken at Gun Ranges

    Instagram Now Banning Photos Of People At Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote "Violence" war on the 2nd Amendment kicks into high gear. via Zero Hedge Articles | Zero Hedge
  8. Scrammer

    Maybe we can help "The Netherlands Launch Effort to Find Photos of U.S. Soldiers" buried there.

    Thought maybe some us might be able to help. There is one person named, who is from my home county, Cowlitz County Washington. Netherlands Effort Map of soldiers home locations Submit photos Home
  9. M

    Autographed photos

    The John Wayne thread got me wondering if anyone here collects autographed photos of movie stars, celebrities, famous people, etc. I've got a few that have been in the family for awhile. Here's a sample... James Cagney Let's see what you've got. edited to get rid of the photobucket ad ETA names
  10. RicInOR

    Photos - from the Internet

    No, You CAN'T Use Any Internet Photo as 'Fair Use': Appeals Court
  11. Joe Link

    Help Request  Broken Links, Photos, and Videos

    Before we migrate to NWFA V4 next year we have a ton of 'housekeeping' to do. One of the things we need to do is eliminate as many broken links, photos, and videos as possible, and the site is simply too big for our staff to tackle this task alone! Helping out couldn't be easier. If you see a...
  12. Joe Link

    National  This is why Bumble banned all photos of guns

    This is why Bumble banned all photos of guns
  13. ob1

    Hiding serial numbers in WTS photos, whats the reason in these days?

    Used to be common practice pre-SB941 (2015) to protect the buyer, in an FTF transaction (the good old days). But, I have noticed that this is still being done on occasion now. Why ? Am I missing something here ? It seems to me that the reason no longer exists. Is it possible some people...
  14. RicInOR

    National  Scared By Drivers License Photos

    Short Circuit: A roundup of recent federal court decisions To lobby against passage of bill to legalize open-carry, police distribute photos to Florida lawmakers of scary biker gang members who have concealed-carry permits. (The bill fails.) Bikers: Using our drivers' license photos in that...
  15. tac

    Photos with new-to-me pocket Canon....

    While we were wating for a pick-up from Portland train station, I took this with my new pocket Canon camera - This is the guy in the crane cab - Now flame me if you like, but I think that that is just amazing. tac
  16. Dyjital

    Night Sky Photography

    We have a few threads of random photography related potpourri but what about good honest photos we take on a daily basis? Last night I spent some time up on Mary's Peak to get above the city lights and distortion of town to get away from the house for a bit. I was on the eastern edge and the...
  17. RicInOR

    CA - Photos of you Guns to the Government - Proposed

    Gun rights groups obtain proposed new California 'assault weapon' regs ... What they do down there, may come to us up here ...
  18. etrain16

    Photos Not Posting??

    @Joe Link I was trying to post a photo in the humor thread, using a linked photo, which I just did earlier today, but it's not working now. It looks like someone else had the same issue. Any issue with photos posting today?
  19. NoLimePlease

    NFA engraving at BYE, photos of their awesome work!

    Just got back from BYE engraving. I wanted to share the fantastic work Jim with BYE engraving did. I can tell you from my first experience with "another" engraving company that this can be a nerve racking experience. But these guys really know their trade. Finished product: Here is Jim...
  20. Joe Link

    French media to stop publishing photos and names of terrorists

    How long have we been saying this should be the policy here with shootings? French media to stop publishing photos and names of terrorists (
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