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What a fool. I could care less what she or anyone like her has to say about anything. Just a shame she didn't study US history a little more in school instead of trying to see how many twinkies she could shove in her mouth at one time.

The Heretic

@03A3Sporter Good points. One of the weirdest aspect of our popular culture is this notion that we all wait, with bated breath, to hear what some arrogant, grossly misinformed, vacuous celeb idiot thinks about a topic. I know there is a lot of us who simply could not care less and, if anything, would prefer if they'd kindly shut the hell up. :s0155:
To be insulted or offended, I would first have to value their opinion.
She makes me giggle from time to time. I don't listen to anything she has to say in her personal life. If I refused to watch and listen to things that had people with different opinions, I wouldn't have much media to enjoy.
I love how these C list (if that) hollywood types have to say crap just to try to keep their name in people’s mouths.

I’m sure I’m in the 99.9% that have no idea who this clown is
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I love how these C list (if that) hollywood types have to say retarded crap just to try to keep their name in people’s mouths.

I’m sure I’m in the 99.9% that have no idea who this clown is
Well, she's been an actor on the daily show for a long time, I'm a big fan but not of her necessarily. Lots of low quality films, but some pretty decent musical comedy.


I wonder how she feels about all the women firearm owners?
Fragile men?
Samantha... meet Dana.

You two have fun.


If I am in the mood to hear a gungrabber make me chuckle, I would just play any recent Biden event. His party is going to have to make saying "gaffe" hate speech.
With advanced arthritis and official disabled status I am fragile as far as physical confrontation goes.
Therefore I need a piece to protect my life from the people the Dems are intent on setting on the productive sector of society.
So, what's her point?
I wonder how she feels about all the women firearm owners?

I am SLOW in typing. I have not read this entire thread yet but I will.

She probably hates us, correction here - not probably but DOES HATE US and thinks that we (REAL females.) have P__ Envy (Private genital part on a REAL man.), that we are PARANOID for wanting to defend ourselves and/or that we bought/own a GUN due to FEAR of x, y and z.

I only know about this person (SB) due what I read online in the past. I forgot who or what she did for a living (?) too. So she is supposed to be a comic? LOL

ALMOST all women that I have known in the past (R - sort of and L leaning.) and MANY out here who LEAN one way (Especially left! CITY/COUNTY/INCLUDING RURAL anti women/men.) and who tend to NOT be OLD fashioned, basic Constitutionalists, fiscal conservatives with a libertarian slant, OLD SCHOOL, and have a belief in a Creator, etc. LIKE ME absolutely do NOT LIKE many HARD CORE GUN LADIES who REALLY BELIEVE that the RKBA - Second Amendment MEANS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS - PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Heck, most MEN do not think or believe as I do in the RKBA issue too. A lot of men hate us or dislike OUR TYPES big time because we do NOT agree with them or are in their club. The club of COMPROMISE. BOTH and all parties do this and have done this as we have SEEN when it comes to GUN LAWS. We may compromise in other political matters to a DEGREE but we absolutely do NOT believe in a COMPROMISE and death by 1,000 cuts in the RKBA issue!

My MT born and raised husband said that he never met a lady like me with VERY specific political/religious/firearm/RKBA/etc. beliefs whether they were a MAN and he NEVER met a female like me too. My late husband said the same thing and we almost agreed in almost EVERY SINGLE ISSUE but not in all things. But we were more in LINE from a to z.

OLD fashioned MEN and WOMEN who thought as I did in almost (!) ALL subject matters from A to Z and in personal responsibility as classic liberals, classic conservatives and libertarians barely EXIST any more.

Many of them went gray/grey too. They are too AFRAID to give their opinions and views due to getting bad responses in life - OFF LINE or online.

They are afraid of getting their feelings hurt - sniff sniff.

PEER pressure like a bunch of OLD teeny boppers - whatever is NOT in vogue when it comes to all of them being PC, etc.

THOSE classic women/men LEFT the pubic eye or they got WOKE and even if they do NOT believe in their own WOKENESS (LOL) or in the rest of this SALAMI that is forced in the news and in this nation - around the world - they are COWARDS in calling a spade a spade.

So they just SHUT UP!

And the only women (And MANY men.) who really speak up are the SJW cry baby freaks who KISS UP TO THE MEDIA or to their own @@@ kissing CROWD with their own ANTI FREEDOM AGENDA for other people while they GET TO KEEP THEIR OWN FREEDOM OF SPEECH and whatever OBJECTS that they WORSHIP, BUY, WANT TO BUY MORE OF AND LOVE. TRY PULLING THIS GUN GRABBING SALAMI WITH THEIR CELLULAR TELEPHONES, SHOES, PURSES, CARS, FILMS, BOOKS, ETC.


BUT it does work for the anti freaks (FLIP the coin here!) for people who want GUNS, AMMO, RELOADING SUPPLIES, ETC. AND A LITTLE THING CALLED FREEDOM. We, gun folks, do not count in the ANTI WORLD - the freaks want it just for what they WANT in life.

GUN CONTROL = people control. Period.

The Rs lost their way in GUN issues. The Ds lost their way in GUN issues.

MEN and WOMEN lost their way in GUN issues.

They can SPOUT OFF and do jack SQUAT about law and order (Like those new fangled neo CONS - con job artists - CULT followers in the R and D parties. Ugh.) but IF they do NOT follow the Constitution or DO something like PUNISH and hold VIOLENT SANE and VIOLENT INSANE people ACCOUNTABLE for their actions/crimes - THEIR WORDS ARE WORTHLESS LIKE TEATS ON A BOAR!

IF THOSE LEADERS and the dumb bunnies on the L and R (Air heads with brains the size of peas!) CONTINUE to BLAME an INANIMATE OBJECT - A GUN OR A KNIFE OR SOME FAMOUS PERSON in la la land (Music, movies - Holly-weird, boob tube, crapola in literature (! LOL), some video game, etc.) - they will continue on with their 'CARD PLAYING' BLAME GAME for VIOLENT PEOPLE who may even just use their BARE HANDS and KICKING FEET for their dirty deeds/crimes.

I read the news briefly on Saturday and the idiot Colin K. or whatever his name is - is supposedly writing a book about GETTING RID OF ALL OF THE POLICE AND CLOSING DOWN ALL PRISONS. Isn't that special? NOT!

Meanwhile all of the WOMEN/MEN who worship that FOOL ex football player (?) like any other CULT LEADER can be the first in line to be the POSTER CHILD VICTIM of a Manson type of criminal or any other VIOLENT far L and VIOLENT far R criminal.

Why do I say that? Because without prisons, the death penalty - my opinion in very specific PROVEN murder cases with fair trials, making people accountable especially for VIOLENT CRIMES and getting rid of peace officers is just PLAIN STUPID!

Criminals come in all flavors. Idiots come in all flavors.

I suggest that SB read some good books including NON revised history books that is IF she can read at all.

Meanwhile, the WOMEN and MEN who call for common sense gun laws (LOL! I hate those words - COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS.) can USE THEIR OWN POWERS, their brains, their PREFERENCES, etc. in their OWN homes and businesses.

And they can leave the rest of the ADULTS alone since WE ALREADY do use our own brains, our own common sense and WE make our own decisions for OUR own homes, families if you have kids, businesses, etc.

WE DO NOT NEED .gov to DICTATE TO US on what we can and can not do in our own homes and businesses. We can figure it out on our own.

And the SB women and men of the world can GO WITHOUT their armed guards, paid secret service and paid police using our tax dollars, go without armed guards and SPECIAL TREATMENT no matter if they are a comic (LOL) or some other famous person or some political HACK con job artist.

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