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Preventing break-ins and squatters at addressed off grid cabin property


These battery powered networked lights work well. I get 8 months out of a set of batteries with two lights mounted in trees along driveway and a dual head fixture mounted on shop. I have had them going on 4 years now, when you trip one, the network feature turns them all on.



You could leave your son there to watch the place, you could pay with with Capn’ Crunch, or Coca-puffs.

Other than that, only some kind of security system running off a large battery bank and inverter like Simplysafe that is completely wireless and can also transmit an alert via the cell-tower network. I’m not sure how much current the main module pulls, but it can’t be that much to where it would deplete a decent car battery setup with solar powered battery tender/charger.

Hope that helps!
SimpliSafe requires cell phone service and you have pay I believe $14.99 per month. We have some cameras so I pay $24.99 per month and I can trim the cameras on remotely to see what is going on.

The 2nd home we bought for retirement did not have an alarm system in already. The base station connects to the cellular network and uses its own internal Wi-Fi network for the sensors. If you have SimpliSafe cameras, you need to have your own Wi-Fi network to connect your cameras too so you need internet connection as well. The base station has its own internal battery that lasts 24 hours.

They will call list of numbers you put into your profile and if you don’t want the authories call you must use the safe word.

Right now with CV scare the authorities won’t show up unless there is a shooting or something.
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When I was younger, I was out in some woods and stumbled upon a whole house up in pallets and Jack's. I kid you not, some crackhead had cut an access hole through the floor to get inside and fk the place up
I don't know what he used but it was a good 2'x4' hole with pallets stacked up for stairs.

I think the fact is nothing is impenetrable when time is of no concern.

I've been thinking about all these log cabin tiny houses for sale all over. Kind of thought about making one an outside vault. Ask them to make one with no windows, and then get steel doors. Solar lighting and some way to combat cold/mildew...
Maybe make your cabin from a used shipping container. You can buy them starting about $3,000. You can have them delivered, too.


Choking/blinding smoke and a hail bullets will clear out squatters amazingly quick-smart! ;)
That it will do...not sure how well the location will take it however...:D

I was thinking more along the lines of a quiet infiltration / Reconnaissance / flanking kinda of approach instead of a Blitzkrieg....:D
I think he was referring to extra smoke BP... That's where you come in Andy.


Looters don’t know that.

Friend has a place in the middle of nowhere NV.

He used to get an occasional squatter.

He put up an old satellite dish and a few old security cameras. They had no power at his shack. But that’s all that was needed to keep anymore folks from trying to use his place.
that’s awesome. I’m usually against the whole fake camera thing, but in this case it’s perfect.
Home made pepper spray could do wonders. I mean you probably would have to disinfect the place if squatters were there anyways and it could take just as much time to clear out.
Just had an image of a can of bear spray, a spiring loaded axe on a pivot, and a trip line at the door to set it off. The idea of a whole can of bear spray getting cut in half and being released all at once inside a small cabin is amazing.


Glad to hear it was OK. I make many forays into Mt Hood / Jeff and Coastal wilderness. Glad to check on it for you if you wish.
I'm sure there are others here too.
In Mt. Hood, we occasionally run into "Fringers".


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Make the place look occupied, mow the grass, flower beds and the like then visit often. spend the night. take a month off and live there. You also call the local Johnny law (BLM, Forest circus, county mountie)to give it a glance when they pass by. Wave when they pass by and offer them Ice tea when they stop, that way they get to know you and who's supposed to be there.


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