National Interview with Man who shot at Texas Church Shooter

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by h4344, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I know there was a thread started on this topic but I felt this video deserved it own slot after watching it. Watch it all, you will be amazed to see what this man is like.

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    Steven Crowder interviewed the guy that took on the Gunman in Texas and it's pretty incredible. This dude could be anyone's grandfather. And he used to be an NRA instructor...which the NRA has confirmed. But the guy grabbed his rifle out of the safe and a handful of ammo and was loading a magazine while he was running to the church...barefooted. When asked why he didn't put shoes on, he basically says that there wasn't time because he knew that each gun shot meant that somebody was getting shot.

    At the end he also talks about how the media won't leave him alone. He says there's a memorial at the local ball field tonight that he wants to go to but can't because the media is camped out at his house. He just want to be left alone. I can't even imagine how ridiculous that must be after something like this.

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    I wonder if we can rally around him as fellow firearm owners and help send him a few dollars? I'm sure that it'll be appreciated. I've tracked down his address which places it 100 meters from the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX.


    here is the link to Wilson Co, TX tax assessor's office. I see he still owes a little under $2k on this year's taxes. we should help him zero out that balance!

    Wilson Tax - Property Search

    his first name is spelled with a "V" here and not "SP"
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    I only hope that (God forbid) if I am ever in this situation that I will be able do all that I can to stop an active shooter. IF my family is safe first off. I have said before that I would not engage a shooter but something like this just begs for armed people to stand up to deranged killers anywhere. I am going to add a few extra training scenarios while out in the Pit. Have any of you tried running to get your heart rate up then try shooting accurately?
  5. ron

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    NRA Junior rifle instructor.;) Both daughters earned 'Distinguished Expert'
    classifications. Used an AR with Eotech sight. This guy is a skilled shooter. He
    stated that he would be at a big disadvantage facing an armed body armor
    wearing killer equipped with just a pistol. The AR gave him a fighting chance.
    The media portrays only LE and military trained people can effectively use
    one of those evil black rifles. And the AR is not a self defense firearm
    of any use to civilians. Pay attention to how they will ignore the good guy
    with an AR to focus on their bias against gun owners of the evil semi-auto
    black rifle.:confused:
  6. FireArm

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    Thank you Mr.Willeford. true blue American right there.
  7. etrain16

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    I am very impressed with this man’s desire/need to try and stop that shooter. He is a hero, no doubt about it. Like Caveman said, I am first and foremost about protecting myself and my family. If they are safe, I have room in my plan to try and do something more. This guy is modest, just a true blooded American who put his life on the line for other Americans.

    This story just kicks the anti’s agenda in the azz. Good for him. I have a feeling he’s going to be called up to the White House for an award.
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  8. 308

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    I really liked that guy’s story. My takeaway was this; keep mags loaded and in a pouch for easy access.
  9. AndyinEverson

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    For me its not a matter of what rifle Mr. Willieford used...
    Nor the fact that he had to load magazines...
    Though I do understand the ideas , logic and argument of having pre-loaded magazines and that a "evil" AR15 was used by a regular Joe to stop a bad guy.

    What mattered to me was that someone , stood up and stopped a bad guy.
    He used good sense when covering the shooters vehicle while waiting for law enforcement...
    Showed good use of fire discipline and from the sounds of it , good cover and or concealment.
    And when discussing his actions , he doesn't come off sounding like the bad media stereotype of a "typical gun owner".
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  10. Goosebrown

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    If the rifle is in the safe. And it should be. Then a couple loaded magazines in thee too sounds like a good idea to me. I have a couple AR magazines and a couple XDM magazines ready to go in the safe. Won't need them without the guns.
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    Can't thank this guy enough. Isn't this the second event in Texas where a citizen ended an active shooting? The planned attack at a book signing a few years ago?

    Flipping through the channels I listened to the Young Turks program. There was a dude screaming like a woman, lying, uninformed/misinformed, ranting, literally wanting more people to die until the police came.

    One thing I promise immigrants understand is, don't sit a wait for the government, while too many Americans gleefully give their powerful over the government away. And these sad sacks have a media platform. This guy's point on the YT seemed to be being a beta male was the smartest route for the US.
  12. WillametteWill

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    Rarely do I watch (have the time to watch) a video this long. Watched all 37 minutes of this one. This is an "old school" man. The media would not be able to understand him, why he did what he did, his values and courage. Although the folks on this site understand, unfortunately many around the country (especially in cities) just can't fathom that good, brave men (and women) are what stops evil people in situations like this. Prayers to him and his family.
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    I have only TWO triggers that instantly set me off into raging berserker mode.... you spit on me (you’re done), and “The Young Turks”.... I’ve never seen as much concentrated anger, projection, bitterness, fallacious logic, and ego in a “group” as with the staff of that “organization”.

    Give it a couple days, they and all the other MSM will start shredding the character of this man... “the ends justify the means.” :mad:
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  14. Mikej

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    I disagree with the gentleman's outlook of being a prisoner in his own home. He took a hell of a risk, showed great bravery and caring for his community and country by going after this bad guy. Now IMO he's got to go out and talk to anyone who will listen and get his story out. Having this nice interview with Crouder is fine for us, but this story needs to be told to multiple new agencies. The more the better. They can't/won't ALL twist it. I feel bad for him being hounded, but getting out and shouting the story from the roof tops is what really needs be done.
  15. nwslopoke

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    He protected his community now he has to worry about his family #1. Not everyone wants a Hollywood spotlight. Probably why he lives in a small town. I hope his wishes are respected. Maybe later but it's amazing he talked to anyone.
  16. Diamondback

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    I'll go a little farther... after the Lessons Learned of trying to make a 10.3" AR fit into a briefcase, I'm becoming a real big fan of onboard storage with several spare mags right there on the gun. For rifles, FAB Defense has a foregrip mag-carrier and a mag-carrier stock; for pistols, CAA makes a rail-mount carrier (originally designed to rack onto their rifle stocks but works just as well on a pistol handguard; it's the boxy thing on the left side in all my recent Build Pics) and SB Tactical just came out with a carrier that slots into the middle of their braces that has me starting to consider dumping my Shockwave Blade.
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  17. Howard1955

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    Stephen Willeford, hero.


    Johnny Langendorff, hero.

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  18. RicInOR

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  19. DirectDrive

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    Mr. Willeford did a helluva job.
    He was very smart about recognizing the body armor and finding the gap in his Eotech sight picture.
    By ventilating this bad guy, he very likely saved another group of worshipers at a church down the road.

    Great discipline and great courage.
    Yep, I see a White House invite and maybe something else as well.
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    When I attended an Appleseed event, I remember the instructors talking about "knowing what you are about", and "dangerous old men". I think both of those fit Mr Willeford.

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