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Why doesn't he just put peanut butter on his gun and call it good? If his standards are so low that he would put some bubblegumed up homebrew dogbubblegum on his gun, might as well put peanut butter on their POS hi - Point and call it a day. Some of us actually like to take good care of our guns. What an idiot whoever wrote this is. Probably the same level of intelligence as the guy that held a phone book on his chest then had his girlfriend shoot it.

Can't wait for his next bullbubblegum recipe:"look honey I piss in the gas tank, makes our gas go farther. Sure does. Saves us lots of money. Sure does, Da YUp. Plus makes it work better too. Sure does. You should try it on your hair, we won't need conditioner no more"
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This is my current favorite bore cleaner for my match rifles. The problem is that it raises serious hell with my asthma! I can use CLP and get the carbon out but not the copper. I haven't found a low VOC cleaner to get the copper out. So I carry on with the #9 Foam and use a full on respirator.

Any suggestions appreciated

While I don't think any solvent could be considered non-toxic, I'm a big fan of Bore Tech Eliminator. It doesn't have ammonia in it so no strong smell.

The wife really appreciates the lack of smell. I've pretty much dumped all my other solvents.

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