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I use qtips and a dental pic but if it came down to only having one thing to clean small spots I could get by with a simply double ended nylon cleaning brush.

I go through quite a few Q-Tips here. I rarely have to buy them, usually I get cast-offs from Mrs. Merkt that she's decided she doesn't like for one reason or another. Also, I've got some of those long-stem surgical swabs. Basically Q-Tips on a long stick. I found a bunch of these at the Goodwill Outlet store. I use both of these types a lot on AR's and pistols.
Yeh, Q-Tips, I use the cheap ones from walleyworld.
The centers are stiff/wound/rapped paper, not plastic tubes like the J&J Q-tips.

I cut off the cotton tips after use with a utility knife, at an angle to get a chisel point that will get into the smallest of crevasses.
I also use those chiseled points to apply small amounts of pinpoint lube, either oil or grease.
oh yeh, get you some of these:
For cleaning, customize the tip to what you need, cut it off when it gets worn, and reshape the end.

I use one of these as a primer follower/weight in primer tubes too.
Cut to length, one of these skewers in a primer tube is a visual gage of the number of primers still in the tube.

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