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This is actually a question for a different cartridge, but I figured I'd not get much response if I was honest and up front.

(5mm Remington Magnum, to tell the truth. Now you might understand my dishonesty.)

What is the general drill/ suggested equipment/brand for cleaning rods? Use a rod for 17cal ? Does someone make rods for .20 guns? (A rod for .22's barely slides into a 5mm barrel.)
I did find .20 bore brushes.
Thanks for any help.
I use a 22cal rod for all my rifles up to 30 cal, just be careful pulling your larger cal jag/brush back to not hit the crown. Unthread it or I just use a 22 cal jag, patch tip that matches. I find most tips match actually.

Anyways I was going to get a rod for each caliber but since Im frugal I started with a 22cal and since it works its all I use. Get a nice one piece carbon fiber rod long enough for your longest rifle. My 22cal rod measures .200" and works fine on my 22lr and 223s so I dont see why a 17cal rod wouldnt work for 5mm calibers.
I have a smaller cleaning rods and 20 cal jags and brushes. My 22 cal rods do not work. My 223 bore guides do work but I have to be careful on alignment to not ride the throat.
Wally World used to sell a long (30"?), fiberglass rod that would work in 17 cal barrels. I used it on all my rifles for years until the handle broke.
They may still have them, but I use an old set of aluminum rods.

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