Bloomberg Shills Scout Oregon Gun Stores

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    Oregon's Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization

    Bloomberg Shills Scout Oregon Gun Stores
    Mike Bloomberg has hired a Washington DC PR firm to film "public service" announcements touting the new universal gun owner registration law.

    The stores are being scouted by Kathleen Lopez of "Oregon Production" (503.780.2767) the PR firm is Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, a hard left propaganda machine that includes amongst its clients, "Mayors Against Illegal Guns."

    The producer of the hit pieces is Scott Turner, (202-520-7580)
    They are offering to pay gun dealers $1500.00 to shoot in their stores. As you might expect, they are concealing who is paying for these ads, but make no mistake, it is Bloomberg.
    They approached Northwest Armory but were rebuffed when it was discovered who they really worked for.

    Please share this information with your friends and any gun dealers you know. We don't want any Oregon gun dealers to be duped by these people.
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    I'd put a couple of rounds through the floor right in front of their feet for them for $1500 bucks and then maybe a couple more right at their heels as they were leaving, just as a little bonus. LOL Oh sorry, I misunderstood about the shooting, sorry.
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    I say, take the 1,500 bucks and let them film in the store so you can tell them what a miserable failure the law is, how it hasn't stopped one criminal from getting a gun and is an unenforceable mess. They can get to see that no one wants to come in and do those transfers; and when they do come in and have one, they can catch the breathtaking action of what happens when 2 law abiding citizens who want to follow the dumb law and engage in firearms commerce and pass the BGC while patiently waiting for the ICS to clear them; thereby preventing nothing.

    Spellbinding.... o_O

    My bet is they want to film a "fiction" of what happens when someone (who will be a "criminal" for their purposes) doesn't pass the BGC. I am certain their will be lots of footage of the cops "catching" a criminal who didn't pass the BGC because he was a prohibited person. Lots of smash cuts to handcuffs and flashing blue lights and catch phrases related to how awesome at catching criminals this new law is.

    Why are they scouting locations? Why not just put up a fake store and and film your fake, false and untrue shiznitt there?

    I mean, if you are already just making it up; why go for a real location?
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    My guess would be that it would cost way more than $1500 to construct a gun store set, particularly the inventory on the back wall. As a commercial photographer, if a client asked me to shoot (pun intended) at a gun store I'd pick Northwest Armory Tigard. Lots of good backdrops.
  5. Provincial

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    They want to honestly say that they "filmed in a real gun store" while they fill the film with fake scenes of criminal behavior. That is what "truth" is to Bloombots. :rolleyes:
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    You could be recorded saying all the right things like "Guns save lives and it's my constitutional right to bear arms to protect my home and family", but they can edit and change your statements to say the opposite.
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    ANY firearm retailer that allows Bloomberg Film Crew to spew a pro SB 941 statement will NOT see my business.
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    Gun shops beware; Bloomberg and his anti-gun groups are scouting Oregon dealers to film a “public service” announcement touting the regulations set forth in SB 941. Northwest Armory and Wild Bill’s were among the shops that were recently approached, but declined the offer after realizing who was behind the scheme. Please share this information with Second Amendment supporters and gun dealers throughout Oregon so they can be aware of Bloomberg’s latest scheme to advance his anti-gun agenda.

    Please check your email inbox and for any further updates on these new regulations.

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