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In a weak moment I thought I'd spring for one of those CMMG .22 lr adaptors for an AR. :rolleyes:
The kit included 3, 30 rnd magazines. :eek:

I never even considered that the, "> 10 Rnd. Magot Ban" included rimfire. o_O
As soon as I hit the buy button, at Classic Firearms, a message popped up that said "We can't ship this to Washington State". :(

Oh well, saved me another $200.00. ;)
Boo hiss :mad:
I bought parts online this past week to avoid the in-store on BF . 'Fixed' up my Mossberg 930 w/ a new mag tube/barrel clamp, and a new flat bolt release (button was stock), put a new sear spring in (2.5 - 3 lbs), new magazine spring and a new red follower button. Once finished it got a good deep cleaning.
Bi-mart for some 22 Federal Auto match for $15.99 a box. Bought some Kershaw knives too.
Bi-mart had 25% off Kershaw knives. Sportsman's had 30% off Kershaw knives. Sportsman's
a better deal? Wright? Wrong! Bi-mart regular price is far less than Sportsman's 30% off price!
Go Bi-mart
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Took my son to the mountains so he could cut down a tree for the first time. He was quite proud, and I enjoyed the father-son time. I also enjoy the natural shape of the tree in my living room.

For a $12 permit we have a tree that would have cost $110 in a lot.
$110?! WTAF?!

It's been YEARS since we've used (formerly) live trees for the "holidaze" (the artificial trees these days look super-realistic… minus the fire hazard)…. dang, prices have REALLY gone up!
You went from a 42 to a 75.

Remember the beginning scene of Back To The Future? That's your future.
43" is what I have now, but I actually went from 52" HD (1080P) to the 43" 4K.

The Sony 52" I had was FUBAR - a module in it screwed up after 3-4 years (I got it back in ~07-08 IIRC) and it just kept getting worse. So when Amazon came out with a 4K FireTV module and I finally got decent internet (Starlink ~6/22) I took the 43" 4K TV I had been using as a computer monitor out of my office and moved it to the living room.

I would have gotten a 100"+ TV if I had the budget for it. After some research and looking at the TVs at Costco, I figured 65" was the minimum, preferably 75" or 85" if I could afford it. The 65" of that model was $500, and the 75" $650, so after some back and forth, and a lot of reading of comparison reviews, I decided on the 75" (which will barely fit on my TV stand).

The 43" will go on a stereo stand next to the TV stand - maybe (not sure I will have the wall space to fit them side by side) - either way, I am thinking the 43" will be used as a monitor for outside surveillance cams.
I just ordered a Grayboe stock for my R700 280AI
40% off and Free Ship

Warren Tactical 50% off

Primary Arms has Geiselle on sale

I've been posting BF sales in our Great Deals sub-forum
Down here in the Willamette National Forest the Permits are $5 and your tree can be up to 15 feet tall. Sure, it takes some gas to get there and get one, but it's fun to get out. Plus, a good excuse to take some guns along and do some shooting.
I shot my tree down the year we went to the woods, was lots of fun.
I did buy my wife a new ChromeBook since I got a good deal from She cannot boot up her existing ChromeBook at all now. The only thing I do not like is Google only release app and Chrome OS updates for a few years so then I need to buy another ChromeBook, My wife is using her ChromeBook everyday for 5 to 8 hours.

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Did the annual tree hunt as well yesterday. I'm noticing some better deals online for cyber Monday though.

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Nice looking rig! I've always wanted one of those but need to wait a couple years until the oldest is off to college, we roll six deep when the whole family is together and these are pretty tight for space. Our friends had one and we loved it, just not enough seats at this time. Unbelievable resale on them too, the color on yours looks at home in the woods.
I snagged a Rock Island 22 bolt action from BiMart. Couldn't resist a compact suppressor host for cheap! I also hit the 5.11 store for a pistol case. Whole store was 20% off. Wife and I had a lot of fun running around together and that was the real win 👍

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