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    New Budget Build

    Hello. I started a Black Friday budget build, Scored a Complete P80 Upper for $137. PSA Dagger complete lower for $99. FFL fee $15 For a grand total of $251 What I wanna know is can anyone beat that for a discount Glock 19 clone?

    What did you pick up on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    Hello NW firearms friends, I found some amazing deals and hope y'all did too! share what you got and how much it was before and after discount.. I saw had messed up the price on Glock 19 slides complete with spring and barrel. they are suppose to be priced at $375 and was marked...
  3. arakboss

    Observations Of 2021 Black Friday Firearm Related Deals.

    What firearm deals are you seeing or not seeing out there for this years Black Friday sales? I noticed that Cabelas is not offering the typical $ off deal they usually run for Black Friday. I haven't seen any signs of Federal Black Pack deals with rebates either. Also I'm not seeing the sub...
  4. arakboss

    I'm feeling good about AR15 part prices coming down. Do you think we will see more amazing deals for Black Friday?

    Maybe $60 barrels and BCGs will come back.
  5. D

    Black Friday sales?

    Haven't seen much in the way of Black Fridays sales advertising so far this year :rolleyes:, anyone know of any good ones? I realize ammo and reloading components are a bust, and probably pretty slim pickings in handguns and popular rifles, but what about accessories? Just sprung for a new...
  6. Reno

    Covidgunpacolypse and Black Friday?

    With Covid turning this gunpacolypse into a super covidgunammocomponentspartspacolypse, has anyone seen anything in stock and at any sort of good deal for Black Friday that is just around the corner? I’m truly surprised places are still even trying to have Black Friday sales, or are they?
  7. arakboss

    What Will Firearm Related Black Friday Shopping Be Like This Year, Predictions?

    Black Friday usually brings lot's of ammo deals, rebates, etc. What do you think will happen with those sales and rebates this year? S&W had a Shield rebate last year that started on Oct 14th, so far no sign of the rebate yet this year. Will Federal Black Pack ammo make an appearance this...
  8. filsonhand

    Geissele Black Friday Sale

    Who is still waiting for order to be filled from Geissele Black Friday Madness sale ? I'm not very patient by any stretch of the word :D Thanks to peer pressure from @sealine I'm stuck waiting for an order on the other side of the country.. What say you all.... Who is still waiting patiently...
  9. DB is Here

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