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My Black Friday mood is rather ....dark.

Gun deals.........probably not considering what's going on.
Magazines.........blew that budget last week.

Any deals to really get excited about?

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Might try MDT Tactical. They have good deals on chassis's and such. Usually a lot lower than their usual price.
Yup. For any bigger ticket item I'm seriously interested in it's always good to start tracking availability and pricing a good couple months in advance of the holiday sales. It's pretty common to see those price hikes so they can offer a holiday 'deal'.

Beware though that the 'deal' price may still be more than the year round price.

Like in the OP.. Sept. $499.99, hold, October $499.99, hold, Nov. $699.99, wtf??, Black friday $699.99 $549.99, NOW! (After Christmas special savings $699.99 $549.99 $499.99!) ;)
Yeah I typically shop sales year round. I don't wait till black friday, unless I am feeling spunky then I just head to Walmart and trample people over and fist fight over a $150 TV.
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I've never understood the term 'Black Friday'...

If we all want a 'White Christmas' shouldn't it be 'White Friday'?
It's been said to be the day that businesses went from a net loss to a net profit for the year. So they moved from being "in the red" to "in the black". Hence "Black Friday". At least that's what I'd always heard...

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