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I took my wife to Bandon for Fish n Chips and Facerock cheese then to see the lights at Shore Acres, got in free, and the stopped on the way home at Cranberry Sweets for some Fudge. Technically it was small business Saturday, not Black Friday.
Festus poles are a convenient& economical alternative
Stomper already has a Festivus pole, year round.

Welcome to Little Portland (AKA Salem).
Occasionally we visit the grocery outlet on the Westside in Salem. The amount of junkies hanging out over there is crazy.
Next to the skateboard park, where there is a whole village of tents.

Right by Houck middle school -- a fine neighborhood. :D
Not sure I really "need" anything else for BF or CM. I did a little cleaning and organizing in the gun room and found enough parts to assemble two complete AR's, including matching sets of Aero Precision upper/lower set. I knew I had some spare parts but found three complete BCGs and even a new Trigger Tech Diamond trigger. What I really need is some more storage totes and a few days off.

I have seen these on sale various Black Friday/Cyber Monday lists:

I ordered a 92x Performance Defensive online on Thursday only for the dealer to tell me they didn't actually have one yesterday, so I missed out on most of the deals. Still bummed about that one.

I did get a bunch of tomahawk handles from Crazy Crow, a few tools, and some casting/reloading supplies.
A bunch of random crap for a hare-brained Mossberg Shockwave mod. Not sure if it's going to turn out awesome or awful, but... Only one way to find out. Will post a thread in the Shotguns section with pics once complete.
Thread posted, as promised.

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