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I ordered 3 MDT 6.5g Howa Mini mags at 40% off from MTD. They are usually about $125 each, so this was a good find.
1k rounds of 45acp
500 rounds of 5.56
Geissele SSA-E
Wilson Combat 16" barrel and BCG
5.11 Tactical range bag
Not shopping today.
Don't like huge crowds....don't like feeding into the whole "Black Friday" thing....
Don't care if others do.....I just just don't.

Will be swinging by the gun store Sunday after the club shoot....may buy some ammo then.
Nice to get a birthday discount during the "Black Friday" sales period, and have that sweetened by an unexpected "free shipping" promo. All of which account for my order today of a digital trigger pull gauge and a hammer & punch kit from MidwayUSA.
$20 Gen 5 Glock 17 mags

Brownells has a 10 pack G17 mags for $189 after discount code BF15 (auto applied)

Sportsmans has a online deal for a Hellcat pro tricked out $699 free shipping (Getting a base model usually runs about $550)

3 pack of Wilson combat 1911 (45acp 8rnd) mags for $96.98, normally these are $45 a pop

3 pack of WC 1911 (9mm 10rnd) $105.48

PSA dagger base model $249 (slides themselves are normally about that price so getting a whole gun is a good deal) takes glock mags and is compatible with a majority of Gen 3 G19 parts.
Does buying my normal, everyday stuff count? Not really black Friday shopping, just regular weekend chores on Black Friday
Gun stuff?

Ammo cans.


I am looking at getting a larger 4K TV. Right now I am using an older (about 5-7 years old?) 43" 4K TV I used for a computer monitor before retiring and I am jealous/Jonesing for a larger brighter TV like my kids have, but I don't want to spend $1K for one, so I am researching ones in the $500 range.

Maybe in another ten years I will get an 8K TV.
I no longer go join the crowds shopping on Black Friday, but some of the lower prices of the year are available on the internet at the same time. X-treme bullets currently has 15% off plus free shipping if the order is $150, so I am restocking on reloading components...
If an individual is into upgrading CZ handguns, Cajun Gun Works has their only sale of the year this weekend, 10% off.
I hate crowds.
I took a gamble that none of the stuff I bought in the last two weeks would go on sale. I was spot on. The last of it should arrive next week.
Found some awesome deals, tho.
The only thing I do want is a Geiselle National Match trigger, but I can slum it for another year with my SSA-E that's currently installed.
Ammo cans.
Ammo cans you say? What and where?

To the OP... not much on my wish list this year. If something presents itself too good to pass up... I may... but I haven't seen any real fantastical deals yet on anything that suits my fancy.

It seems in recent years that "black friday" has gotten more of a scam flavoring. Folks assuming because it's labelled a black friday sale, it "must" be a great deal, but better deals can be had the closer you get to the holidays.

If you use price trackers, I also see a lot of places that did price hikes leading up to black friday and the "deals" they are offering are the same steady pricing they were prior to a few weeks ago. In some cases, black friday deals are higher than their standard everyday pricing.🤪
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Bimart had a good deal on them recently but idk if they have any left.
Yeah. I saw those. The F50/50/30 sets for just under 10 bucks a pop. I was hoping more for one of the straight 50's deals that seem to roll around here and there this time of year.

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