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I went to Sportsman's today for Black Friday my goal was a HK 416 22lr mission accomplished! I was probably the 6-7th person in line. I finish my 4473. Before I can even finished filling it out I was approved. The guy send my guns down to get a second opinion or so I thought. I wait 5-15 minutes I'm like okay it's busy just wait. Nothing so I go up to the counter and speak with a clerk I say I was approved he looks at me like I just invented fire. I tell him I do a lot of
purchases and I'm always an instant. He goes to the back and looks. Sure enough it was instant and they just sent my gun to the back with everyone who go put in the que… as if I needed to wait for approval. Thank god for the good employee that actually checked for me in the middle of this chaos. So he finds my gun and sure enough instant he is speaking with a different clerk I literally hear him say " he actually got approved" the other clerk look at him and say "are you going to man the register." The gentleman helping me says" he is approved why would he not be able to take home?" the other guy " well we are so busy I have been telling anybody even if they are approved that they still need to wait for us to call them" the guy helping me goes " I don't mind doing that so we can get him out of here." Thank god for that employee truly! who wants to deal with sportsman more than once? Worst gun experiences I ever had has always been with sportsman's and I have been to the gunroom on foster that speaks volumes! Cheer guys Happy Holidays
$10.99 for 9mm FMJ , $25.99 for 500 of
Agula 40 grain, $9.99 for a box of 556
I was asking because..........
I wanted/was considering a case (or maybe more) of 9mm.
BUT, I figured that if they were gonna make a per customer "limit" (say 5 boxes). Then, It might not be worth it to me, to go down there.

Aloha, Mark
Bimart has winchester 50rnd boxes of 9mm for $11.99. Fudd experience is free.
I typically do bi mart but I needed a gun that they didn't have

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Yeah.....saw the Bi-Mart sale too. But, saving a dollar per box is "More Fun".

Aloha, Mark
I saw a guy stock up his cart with at least 7-8 50 round boxes of 9mm round. I don't believe I saw anything in regards to limiting the amount of rounds per customer. Buy it while it's cheap!

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