Horrific story!

What state is the USN retired sailor living in? Do you know what city or county this was in too?

I might have missed the YT man saying this in the video.

The retired sailor needs exposure for his case so he gets his goods back. I bet that they are RUINED, scratched up, bent, dinged up, already destroyed or SOLD illegally since SOME of those things have happened in the past.

Have any BIG news stations had this in their news?

His firearm goods are all LEGAL from what this story says, HE HAS THE PROOF, no charges are made against him, etc., and if he does not get them returned, they should PAY him in 'today's money' for NIB goods. They LOOK like they were clean and kept up nicely. And if they are returned damaged, they need to PAY HIM for them.

He is getting the RUN AROUND because his goods have been ruined, sent away, destroyed or sold illegally as in a THEFT. Plus since he has the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE TO ASK FOR HIS GOODS BACK... the .gov folks do NOT like it in this case.

I can UNDERSTAND that he would be frustrated, worried, concerned for his safety and that someone would be breaking down a door to his home too. Or trying to set him up with some bs charge when nothing was done wrong by him. Plus for usual home defense issues. I am sure that he must own and HAVE some other type of gun in his home but I could be WRONG THERE. ADDED MORE here.

I do not understand those types of firearms since they never interested me. NO offense to people who like them. It seems to me that the FOCUS of these types of ATF actions almost always focus on someone who owns them or builds them or gets x, y or z for them unless it is like that one AMISH farmer that was in the news. I could be wrong on their FOCUS too. But these stories seem to involve them a LOT or they get more attention ON PURPOSE by the ATF or the L/R mass media so called NEWS or the anti gun crowd or OBIDEN and his dirty ILK on the L and on the R!

I wish the retired sailor well and thank him for his service too!

Old Lady Cate
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I like that the sailor sought representation from local government. That's their job to break through the BS. This isn't a case of red tape. It's abuse of power and looks illegal.

Most people can't handle leadership. This looks like a total failure of leadership from the beginning. Not a single point of failure. It's every point failed.

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