I'm looking to get out this weekend for a short overnight camping trip, leaving Saturday and coming home Sunday. I know it's going to be packed up there so I wanted to ask and see if you guys knew of any secret places near a river and/or lake that you don't normally see many others or that has a high likelyhood of being available. PM me if you prefer, I appreciate it! :s0155:
The obvious answer would be lost lake. :p

I will PM you the name of a cool secluded campground in the area on a river that has fish in season plus great trails, falls, etc.
Burnt Lake off Lolo pass road is usually free of campers. There will be a few hikers but there usually isn't too many.

Pansy Lake is another one that is seldom used. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and did not see another car on the last 10 miles to the trailhead, on the hike, or on the gravel road back to the paved road.

There are a few lakes up there but I think it would be well worth it to camp next to the fire lookout. There was at least one firepit at the lookout.

If you are planning on camping during the week the views at McNeil Point cannot be beat. It's probably the best hike on the mountain. Paradise Park would also be a great place to camp. Both of these places get busy during the weekend though.

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