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Tic Tac (stylized as "tic tac") is a brand of small, hard mints manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. They were first produced in 1968 and are now available in a variety of flavours in over 100 countries.
Tic Tac are usually sold in small transparent plastic boxes with a flip-action living hinge lid. Originally, Tic Tac were dyed specific colours for different flavours, although in many countries the transparent plastic boxes are now coloured and the actual Tic Tacs are white.
Tic Tac has featured advertising that emphasizes the low calorie count of the mints. Most flavours of the mint have approximately 1.9 calories per mint. There is also some controversy over the fact that in the United States, tic tac list the sugar content as 0g despite the mints being approximately 90% sugar (depending on the flavor). This stems from the fact that a serving size is one 0.49g mint, and the FDA permits manufacturers to list sugar (or other nutritional components) as 0g if they contain less than 0.5g. In at least some jurisdictions, the 0g now features a footnote that clarifies "less than 0.5g".

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  1. Dr Prepper

    Ramshot TAC and No. 7 in stock few others good luck everyone, wish i could afford some... but short on primers anyway. hopefully this is making a come back.
  2. sagia308

    BARNES TAC 40 cal 140 gr Expansion test into (2 soda jugs) water bottles

    not as great as the last test i done over a year ago into some water jugs only
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