A trapdoor is a sliding or hinged door, flush with the surface of a floor, roof, or ceiling, or in the stage of a theatre. A hatch, an opening which may also be in a wall and need not be flush with the surface, is similar; in some cases either name is applicable. A small door in a wall, floor or ceiling used to gain access to equipment is called an access hatch or access door.

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  1. Hueco

    Which Single Shot is King?

    Thinking about the early rifles in our country’s history and the actions that gave them character. The Springfield Trapdoor. The Remington Rolling Block. The Sharps Falling Block. Pros and cons to each design, of course…but if you were going to declare that every American own one…which...
  2. CountryGent

    Geronimo’s Rifle - The 1870 Springfield

    One for the history fans:
  3. Basedgreaser

    Springfield trapdoor

    Well one of my goals as a collector is to a have a full line up of us military long guns. Ive shot a muzzle loader 45-70 once ( my grandfathers). My collection thus far is brass cased cartridge fed rifles, im considering picking up a springfield trapdoor as one of my next rifles. My question is...
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