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A trapdoor is a sliding or hinged door, flush with the surface of a floor, roof, or ceiling, or in the stage of a theatre. A hatch, an opening which may also be in a wall and need not be flush with the surface, is similar; in some cases either name is applicable. A small door in a wall, floor or ceiling used to gain access to equipment is called an access hatch or access door.

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  1. CountryGent

    Geronimo’s Rifle - The 1870 Springfield

    One for the history fans:
  2. Basedgreaser

    Springfield trapdoor

    Well one of my goals as a collector is to a have a full line up of us military long guns. Ive shot a muzzle loader 45-70 once ( my grandfathers). My collection thus far is brass cased cartridge fed rifles, im considering picking up a springfield trapdoor as one of my next rifles. My question is...
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