Extractor may refer to:
Extractor (firearms)
Extractor (mathematics)
Extractor (screws), a tool used to remove broken screws
Randomness extractor
Soxhlet extractor
Extractor, a device found in a Bite & Sting kit, used as part of the first-aid for a snake bite.

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  1. HotRodGuy

    M&P 15-22 extractor failure.

    Ill start by saying that S&W was very quick to get me squared away with a shipping label to get it back for repair. Less than 100 rounds through the new 15-22 and had a bunch of FTEs and stovepipes along with ejections ranging between flopping out of the port to 6". Finally, the extractor...
  2. S

    Broken Noveskee extractor

    Hey y’all. Was at the range today and about halfway through was experiencing some failure to extracts and couldn’t figure about why. Got home and found this gem. Although all rifles fail I would expect a little more from noveskee given the price. I’ve only put about 600rds of brass .223 and 5.56...
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