An injector is a system of ducting and nozzles used to direct the flow of a high-pressure fluid in such a way that a lower pressure fluid is entrained in the jet and carried through a duct to a region of higher pressure. It is a fluid-dynamic pump with no moving parts, excepting a valve to control inlet flow.
A steam injector is a typical application of the principle used to deliver cold water to a boiler against its own pressure, using its own live or exhaust steam, replacing any mechanical pump. When first developed, its operation was intriguing because it seemed paradoxical, almost like perpetual motion, but it was later explained using thermodynamics. Other types of injector may use other pressurised motive fluids such as air.
Depending on the application, an injector can also take the form of an eductor-jet pump, a water eductor or an aspirator. An ejector operates on similar principles to create a vacuum feed connection for braking systems etc.

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  1. Squash_edc

    Case Ejector

    Wondering if anyone has made case ejector mod for their press. I have a lee breech lock single stage press and I’d like to speed up couple steps with something that can eject the casings on the down stricken, mainly sizing and bullet seatings. I’d prefer something that I can DIY that’s cheap and...
  2. Erniemcrackin

    Ar15 bag Ejector spring available on a Sunday?

    Does anybody know of a gun supply store or gunsmith they would have these parts available, and be open today? It sounds like curt's and the other places are closed or don't have them any ideas?
  3. M

    M1917 ejector issue.

    I guess this isn't so much a problem as it is a minor annoyance. One of the things I love about my Winchester M1917 is the placement of the bolt handle in a manner that allows me to do rapid fire drills with ease. However, from time to time when I do these rapid fire drills, when I open the bolt...
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