The ArmaLite AR-7 Explorer is a semi-automatic firearm in .22 Long Rifle caliber, developed in 1959 from the AR-5 that was adopted by the U.S. Air Force as a pilot and aircrew survival weapon. The AR-7 was adopted and modified by the Israeli Air Force as an aircrew survival weapon in the 1980s.
The AR-7 was designed by American firearms designer Eugene Stoner, who is most associated with the development of the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle that was adopted by the US military as the M16. The civilian AR-7's intended markets today are backpackers and other recreational users as a takedown utility rifle. The AR-7 is often recommended for use by outdoor users of recreational vehicles (automobile, airplane or boat) who might have need for a weapon for foraging or defense in a wilderness emergency.

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  1. Roymil666

    300 Blackout Optic Ideas

    I'm trying to decide on a new optic for a suppressed 300blk pistol. I am currently running a Sig Bravo4 with the 300blk horseshoe reticle but I want to try another option. I'm mainly looking for another fixed power option that I can supplement with a red dot. The Vortex 5x prism is an option...
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