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  1. Kmcculloch92

    637 frame damage help perhaps a crack. Should I send it in?

    Hello everyone I joined the forum to ask for help with my PC S&W 637. It's pretty new(less then 2 months maybe 250 rounds) and I noticed a crack or rub Mark on the frame today right above the barrel where the cylinder locks up. I wasn't sure if this was just the finish or if it is something I...
  2. William Jones

    Grips for j frame

    Looking for suggestions for grip options for my S&W 637. Currently have smooth wood boot grips. Very concealable, but constantly have to adjust my grip when shooting +p loads. I used to have a Rossi j frame with larger rubber grips. Much easier to shoot, but always caused my shirt to ride up and...
  3. U

    First J frame (holster, speed strips, and ammo)

    I grabbed a 442 and posted a thread about some holster help... S&W 442 holster help So far I have run 50 rounds of target, 25 hounds of Hornady critical defense +p, and 25 rounds of Winchester PDX through the gun. I have been playing with a pocket holster from Bianchi (the 152) and the Tuff...
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