A hammerless firearm is a firearm that lacks an exposed hammer or hammer spur. Although it may not literally lack a hammer, it lacks a hammer that the user can pull.
In rifles, using a striker rather than a hammer is a substantial improvement because the time from trigger pull to firing can be less. This makes the rifle more accurate, because the rifleman's muscular tremors have less time to move the rifle off-aim.
One of the disadvantages of an exposed hammer spur is the tendency to get caught on items such as clothing; covering (shrouding, bobbing) the hammer by removing the spur reduces this tendency.

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  1. Tinker Pearce

    Custom .38 Safety Hammerless

    My wife got me hooked on the small S&W top-breaks and being me I had to research them. In the course of this I fell in love with the 'Bicycle' model and it's .38 S&W counterpart. Of course these things are collectable as hell and thus expensive. I bemoaned this sad fact to her and she shrugged...
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