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An over–under or over/under (O/U) bet is a wager in which a sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams), and bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number. For example, in Super Bowl XXXIX, most Las Vegas casinos set the over–under for the score of the game at 46.0. A bettor could wager that the combined score of the two teams would be either more than or less than that number. Since the combined score of that game was 45, anyone who had bet on "under" won.

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  1. T

    Educate me on barrel length

    I’ve been shopping around for a new over/under for clay sports. Most everyone I’ve talked to has either implied or flat out informed me that I “want” a 30 or 32 inch barrel. I see very little benefit to a longer barrel other than weight. I’m a big guy (6’5”) and it feels like most people have...
  2. acdodge

    Over Under Repair

    I have a Remington Spartan SPR310 12G over under where the weld at the muzzle cracked. I need suggestions on how to fix this. Brazing, soft solder, silver solder? Thanks in advance.
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