A scout is a soldier performing reconnaissance and other support duties.
Scout may also refer to:

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  1. mt_hoodlum

    WTS OR  QD Offset LaRue Mount for Surefire Scout

    I'm selling my used LT752 Offset SureFire Scout Mount QD from LaRue. Virtually brand new. Very little use. Price is $80 shipped CONUS. E-mail me at Pic: LaRrue Mount
  2. F

    WTB WA  WTB Savage Scout

    Just thought I would test the waters and see if anybody would be will to part with their savage model 11 scout for 500 cash I will pay fees. Would prefer without optics mounted besides the factory williams peep sights. I would also like it to have the accutrigger. I work in Portland and live in...
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