Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, occurring after spring and before autumn. At or around the summer solstice, the earliest sunrise and latest sunset occurs, daylight hours are longest and dark hours are shortest, with day length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climate, tradition, and culture. When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

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  1. R

    Portland mayor declares "SAFE SUMMER PDX" from gun violence

    your elected mayor has proclaimed you'll have a safe summer down there all you Portland residence must be thrilled but don't expect me to show up at your back yard BBQ
  2. arakboss

    Summer Of Rage.

    It looks like Antifa is picking up another cause (please leave cause unmentioned to avoid thread lock). If you weren't already avoiding areas they frequent, you may want to consider doing so now (unless you crave confrontation).
  3. fredball

    Warning for walking your K9's this summer

  4. Ura-Ki

    Brandon did it again, U, S Coast Guard issues fuel warnings for boaters ahead of summer vacations!

    Welp, Brandon did it to us good this time, mandating the addition of MORE ethanol to our automotive fuel, bringing a host of major issues with it! The U. S Coast Guard has issued a warning to all boaters, not only to NOT purchase gasoline containing more then 10% Ethanol, but that it's also...
  5. B

    Been an expensive summer: water bill

    Just received my water bill for summer, $160. Ooof.....this is the most expensive summer water bill yet since moving into this property. It is double the amount I paid for the same period last year. In the grand scheme of things $160 isn't a lot of money but for just 2 person in the...
  6. CountryGent

    What'ya Read'n, Summer 2021

    In the spirit of threads I and some others have started: what are your summer picks for reading this time? Any you're really looking to dive into?
  7. Andy54Hawken

    Summer time and testing...

    So summer is here and the weather is nice ( where I am at least :D ) . This time is a excellent time of year , to check out and test your gear. Go take a hike and see if those boots really are as comfortable as they were in the store or back yard.... See if your ruck or "bug out bag" does...
  8. CountryGent

    Summer Reads?

    I have to admit my reading slipped quite a bit between the nonstop,eh, caca storm that has been family and professional life, coupled with the dumpster-fire known as 2020. Be that as it may, hope springs eternal, and now is time to think about what books to read this summer. On that score...
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