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  1. HighLine

    CASH SALE DAY!!! 03/05/2020

    We will be in the shop all day today and looking to clear out some inventory to make room for new items. We are having a CASH sale day! Everything in store is deeply discounted for today only!!! Still take Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express,just not at as big of discounts We also...
  2. E

    PSA $50 rebate on Shield 9mm 1.0 & 2.0 as low as $199

    PSA is having a sale on Shields in 9mm and 380. As low as $199 after $50 rebate. Smith & Wesson Rebate Deals - Deals Good guns going for cheap.
  3. etrain16

    S&W Shield - Any Great Deals Local to PDX?

    Okay, I've been looking the other way on the S&W Shield Rebate, but we're less than a week from the end of that promotion and I'm considering one as a possibility. Looks like a lot of the best deals may be gone?? I'm most interested in a .40SW, no thumb safety, but a 9mm, no thumb safety could...
  4. ZA_Survivalist


    $40 bakelites are back in stock at aim surplus.
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