1. bullitt

    ARPC 3-GUN Dec 12th - Show up in your Christmas Sweater!

    All, I'm trying to drum up as any people as I can to come to the Dec 12th 3-gun match at ARPC. It's always a good time and a great match to try new gear or stage plan strategies. The match is rain or shine, which is sometimes part of the fun. If its rainy it's great way to learn how your...
  2. Hueco

    What makes a good 3-gun upper?

    In putting together my first AR, I was eyeing its use in competition for Service Rifle category and Precision Gas Gun...and it's a fairly heavy build. I've decided that I want to try getting into 3-gun as well and, in the short term, will run the AR as it is. But, in keeping an eye toward the...
  3. dunerider21

    3 gun starter shotgun

    I am looking to upgrade from a pump to semi auto shotgun to start 3 gun shooting. I have narrowed my search down to Mossberg 930 JM Pro, Stoeger m3000, and Stoeger m3k. I am not in a position to spend $1k plus for a serious competition gun. I have heard the inertia system on the Stoeger is very...
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