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  1. BFR45/70

    6.5 grendel loading with 160gr hornaday

    Hello I have a question for the 6.5 grendel shooters I have a ar in 6.5 grendel with a 20 inch barrel and would like some load data for it . I have done my owen hand loads for over 25 years but this is my first loads for a ar based rifle. I would like to use the Hornaday 160gr bullets but not...
  2. robertvarner

    Reloading 223 for a Mossberg MVP Predator - Bolt Action

    I've recently started reloading and have been consuming information with a fire-hose about the subject. I've run into a question I need some help with from those with more experience in this subject area. I want to determine which C.O.A.L to use for reloading different bullet types like HP, SP...
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