In sports, a most valuable player award is an honor typically bestowed upon an individual as the most performing player (or players) in an entire league, for a particular competition, or on a specific team. Initially used in professional sports, the term is now also commonly used in amateur sports, as well as in other unrelated fields such as media, business,, music and multiplayer video games. In many sports, MVP awards are presented for a specific match—in other words, a player of the match award. This is particularly true for high profile matches like championship games.
The term is most common in the United States and Canada. In most other countries around the world, "player of the year" is used for a season-spanning award and "player of the match" for individual games. In Australia, Australian rules football clubs and leagues use the term "best and fairest", while those playing rugby league use "player of the year", such as the Dally M Medal. The National Basketball League, however, uses the American-style "MVP" for its awards.In many cases the awards are voted on by members of the media. In others the vote is by players, coaches, or umpires. In recent years, online polls from the public decide some awards.

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  1. BFR45/70

    6.5 grendel loading with 160gr hornaday

    Hello I have a question for the 6.5 grendel shooters I have a ar in 6.5 grendel with a 20 inch barrel and would like some load data for it . I have done my owen hand loads for over 25 years but this is my first loads for a ar based rifle. I would like to use the Hornaday 160gr bullets but not...
  2. robertvarner

    Reloading 223 for a Mossberg MVP Predator - Bolt Action

    I've recently started reloading and have been consuming information with a fire-hose about the subject. I've run into a question I need some help with from those with more experience in this subject area. I want to determine which C.O.A.L to use for reloading different bullet types like HP, SP...
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