Corvallis /kɔːrˈvælᵻs/ is a city in central western Oregon, United States. It is the county seat of Benton County and the principal city of the Corvallis, Oregon Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of Benton County. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 54,462. Its population was estimated by the Portland Research Center to be 55,298 in 2013. Corvallis is the location of Oregon State University, a large Hewlett-Packard research campus, and Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

At a longitude of 123° 17' west, the city is the westernmost city in the contiguous 48 states with a population larger than 50,000.

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  1. DocHolidays

    Hello from Corvallis!

    Hello all, Born in Seattle, now living in the Corvallis area for grad school. Im an avid backpacker/mountain biker and have enjoyed shooting throughout my life. Finally purchased my own firearms several months ago. I found this community when I was looking for local, legal places to shoot. I'm...
  2. DuneHopper

    Man stabs several people in Corvallis

    CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A man is in custody after he walked into a residence and stabbed several people in a Corvallis home, police said. A current student at Oregon State University and a former OSU student are among the stabbing victims, according to university spokesman Steve Clark. He also said...
  3. Syzygy

    Stabbings in Corvallis

    OSU student among stabbing victims in Corvallis No word yet on motive. How would this go down, if it happened to you?
  4. ZacharyKhan

    New M&P Shield Owner In Corvallis, OR

    Hello Everyone, I recently turned 21 and purchased my first firearm a couple of days ago. I have shot many handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. at different ranges over the years but I have never owned my own firearm until now. I decided to purchase something manageable and concealable, as I plan...
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