Jonathan Edgar Park (born February 18, 1986), better known by his stage name Dumbfoundead (), is an Argentine-American rapper and actor. He began his career in the 2000s as a battle rapper in Los Angeles and has since become one of the most prominent Asian-American rappers in the United States, known for his witty and socially conscious lyrics.

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  1. SIG34

    Anyone Else annoyed by ridiculous Posts on firearms?

    I want to let this be known.. It’s getting harder and harder to not comment.. when someone post a ridiculously high price or thinks their Used gun is worth full retail? I know they can ask whatever they want but common.. I see this on Armslist & Northwest I think there should be a Dislike...
  2. v0lcom13sn0w

    Shooting .308 in a 30-06? Can it be done?

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: So i pulled the biggest bonehead move to date... was sighting in the hunting rifles tonight... two almost identical Savage 110 and 10. im ok, the rifles are ok... what happened was i had the 308 ammo out and grabbed the 30-06 by mistake yeah. on the bright side, it...
  3. Runwithryan

    G26: Sold a Bill of Goods

    Here's basically the down and dirty. The wife, gave me the permission to buy a new concealed carry for my last birthday (April). Having never bought a gun online I decided to do just that from gunsamerica.com (I wasn't a member of Northwest Firearms at the time). I bought a used glock 26 from a...
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