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m1 carbine

The M1 carbine (formally the United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1) is a lightweight, easy to use, .30 caliber semi-automatic carbine that became a standard firearm for the U.S. military during World War II, and continued to be used throughout the Korean War and well into the Vietnam War. The M1 carbine was produced in several variants and was widely used by not only the U.S. military, but by military, paramilitary and police forces around the world. It has also been a popular civilian firearm.
The M2 carbine is the selective-fire version of the M1 carbine capable of firing in both semi-automtic and full-automatic. The M3 carbine was an M2 carbine with an active infrared scope system.
Despite its name, the M1 carbine is not a shorter version of the M1 Garand rifle. It is a completely different firearm and it fires a different type of ammunition. It was simply called a carbine because it is smaller and lighter than the Garand. On July 1, 1925, the U.S. Army began using the current naming system where the "M" is the designation for Model and the "number" represents the sequential development of equipment and weapons. Therefore, the "M1 rifle" was the first rifle developed under this system. The "M1 carbine" was the first carbine developed under this system. The "M2 carbine" was the second carbine developed under the system, etc.

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  1. chim

    WTS OR  M1 Carbine - Muzzle Brake

    Good condition muzzle break. Only markings are "CHECK.RECOIL.MI". $50 shipped - Located in Oregon City, OR.
  2. J

    WTB WA  M1 Carbine

    I am looking for a M1 Carbine. I am hoping for one that was used in the military, not looking for a new one. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
  3. raftman

    M1 Carbine Troubles

    Trying to diagnose an issue with my new AO M1 carbine but can't seem to find the culprit. Shot it for the first time today and the first few mags went off without a hitch. Was shooting Tulammo. The first box gave me no trouble at all, but part way into the second box, after firing a round, the...
  4. CountryGent

    M1 Carbine Parts to Keep on Hand?

    So, one thing I've done in recent years is to keep some parts on hands for certain firearms. As an M1 Carbine is the latest acquisition, I'm giving this some thought. Before asking, however, here is a a very quick overview of how I prioritize/plan spare parts: If the arm is a fun gun or a...
  5. gene of oregon

    WTB OR  M1 Carbine USGI (non-inport marked)

    Looking for a M1 Carbine, WWII, USGI issue 1942-45. Doesn't need to be all correct as far as internal parts per original manufacture but receiver must match barrel and stock. Have cash Thanks for looking,
  6. CountryGent

    New Inland M1 Carbines?

    Though it is on a somewhat similar topic and part of my researching of a pistol-caliber(ish) carbine, I thought it better to start a new thread than derail the Marlin Camp Carbine one. Anyone have the scoop on the newly manufactured M1 Carbines produced by Inland?* Good, bad, or ugly? Thanks...
  7. lencac

    WTS OR  30 Carbine ammo 230rds. + 100 primed cases

    I have for sale 230 rds. of 30 carbine ammo. plus 100 fully prepped and primed cases and 50 fired unprepped cases. Being I no longer have anything to shoot it out of I need to find someone to use it. I have expertly reloaded the 230 rds. The recipe is Remington 110 gr. round nose bullets on top...

    WTT OR  m1 carbine magazines

    i need a couple 10 round magazines for my M1 Carbine. Thanks.
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