Lube may refer to:
Lubricant, a substance (usually a liquid) introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction and wear between
Dura lube, produces engine treatment products for trucks and cars
Lube Motorcycles, former Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, based in Bilbao
Quaker Steak & Lube, a small, growing casual dining restaurant chain based in Sharon, Pennsylvania
Lube parish, an administrative unit of the Talsi District, Latvia
Lubeh, a Russian band, sometimes romanized as Lube

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  1. Firemansim

    Cleaning time

    What's your favorite cleaner and lube?
  2. CaptJack

    Shooter Lube

    Has anyone tried this stuff yet (ShooterLube) it is USA made. Let me know. CaptJack
  3. L

    AR15 Delta Ring Lube

    Will it help to lube the delta ring, before removing the handguard?
  4. Sniper03


    I cannot remember if I have submitted this previously. But going through my reloading equipment and information. I came across my formula for Case Lube and thought I would share it again in case I have not in the distant past. Here it is! You will need the following items from your local store...
  5. Oathkeeper1775

    Case Lube

    I'm trying to avoid hydraulic dents at the base of the case neck when resizing rifle cases... I've heard it said many times, that a home-made lanolin and rubbing alcohol mixture will suffice. I cannot find a form of lanolin in the stores; or a ratio. Can anyone share a product form, brand, or...
  6. james2562

    leaving lube on cases

    I have been in the habit of leaving the case lubrication on my cases after i resize them. I was talking to a fella the other day and he swore that i should wash my brass after I resize it to get the case lube off it. He seamed to think that the lube was not good in the action. I did not get...
  7. 9mm guy

    Best way to clean and grease/lube my reloading press?

    Since I bought my Lee Classic Turret press around a year ago, I haven't cleaned it except for occasionally wiping it with a dry paper towel. And since the press has been sitting around for most of winter, I would like to properly clean it and grease/lube it. Do you experienced guys have...
  8. 0GRE

    Experience with RCBS lube dies? Best practices? Design flaws?

    Dammit. I hate when I write my whole post in the title. :s0002: Seriously, who either currently uses RCBS lube dies or has dabbled with them in the past? Are they a great concept but poorly executed? Are they the best thing since nookie? Enquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance.
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