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What's your favorite cleaner and lube?
Whichever one is handy? Seriously, I learned to shoot and care for firearms from my family..Marines/ cops I had a can of CLP in my hand before a bottle.;)
Hopps # 9, Kano Kroil, CLP, 99% alcohol, Birchwood Casey gun stock wax, distilled boiling water, and universal elbow grease reside in my armory supplies, rarely requiring little else.
Although for really nasty finds needing major reconstruction; I have used stove oil, carburetor and choke cleaner, break cleaner, white vinegar, and even Gunk engine cleaner at one time or another. (the latter all requiring some knowledge of what they will do to metal and finish)
Wipe the high sh!t off the internals with a rag and a little hoppes when it starts to malf. Apply some clp afterwards and good to go for another 1000 rds or so. With bore I only clean when accuracy degrades and every rifle will be different. I use patches soaked in hoppes followed by nylon brush with hoppes. Then more patches until they come out clean. You also will get a feel for how often to do a more thorough cleaning with a copper remover by how the groups change. I use boretech products for this. Many people clean too often in my opinion and can do more harm than good. Always use a proper bore guide.
Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube - but you can't use it in an enclosed space or they'll likely find your cancer riddled body clutching your AR.
One Shot Cleaners - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

Comprehensive Corrosion Test: 46 Products Compared
Photo below (not mine)
I have some concern that it may contain chlorinated Ester though but do not know any specific facts if it does or does not. ....

Eezox is another good performer for rust prevention by many accounts, (one test had it rusting sooner than others) it's friction is higher than Hornadys.
(Not my shot^^^) Different folks have tested a bunch of these and there's all kinds of info out there.
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Excellent stuff, hadn't thought of it for my firearms, but I will now.

I'll be honest, I'm not even sort of fastidious about cleaning my firearms, and only do so when it really needs it. But a few sprays and a wipe down with Ballistol keeps them running. At least in my experience. :)
WD40 is one of the reasons gun smiths stay in business...not according to me, but according to a gun smith I's gummy on gun works...

I've gone through all the various (new wild eyed claims of) cleaners and lubes...ultimately came back to Hoppes No. 9 and non-glamorous lube.

As an avid wade fisherman of many years, I too listened to the 'siren song' of bs, in the way of this reel, rod, lures are superior...and finally said 'no' to the marketers...your suckerdom may vary....
I'm in the "only clean when needed" crowd. (And don't nobody be blasting me about it unless you want to get blocked out!)

Hoppe's #9
Vinegar for soaking lead/silver alloy of Lasercast boolitts out of the barrel
CLP (tho I'm wondering if it doesn't dry out... I've found a lot of residue in some guns) I don't use it as a lube tho.

For lube:
Red's synthetic
Tetra gun grease

I lubed my 2011s before every use and I do the same with my ARs. My Glocks do not require this type of treatment.

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