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Sizing or size is any one of numerous substances that is applied to, or incorporated into, other materials — especially papers and textiles — to act as a protective filler or glaze. Sizing is used in papermaking and textile manufacturing to change the absorption and wear characteristics of those materials.
Sizing is used for oil-based surface preparation for gilding (also known as mordant in this context). It is used by painters and artists to prepare paper and textile surfaces for some art techniques.
The term "sizing" also refers to the process of including or applying the substance.

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  1. Mikej

    Full length sizing/Neck sizing.....

    The "Full length resizing?" and "Neck sizing only?" threads have been of interest to me, so I've got some questions for specific rifles. At this point I've processed/loaded several thousand hand gun rounds in several calibers. I'm doin' it the old fashion way, single stage, with an RCBS Rock...
  2. O

    Is there a downside to full length sizing?

    Enjoyed reading the opinions about neck sizing. I'm curious what the opinions are about FL sizing.
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