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Low Profile was a duo of two aspiring rappers and a DJ from Los Angeles, California. The group consisted of WC and DJ Aladdin, who went on to pursue a career in visual arts. The duo made its debut with Rhyme Syndicate Records, on a compilation album produced by Ice-T and Afrika Islam, before becoming a duo on Profile Records.
The group was a short-lived but influential West Coast hip hop duo. Together, they released one album, We're in This Together, before breaking up. They also appeared on the Rhyme Syndicate compilation Rhyme Syndicate Comin' Through. DJ Aladdin began working with Ice-T and WC formed a group called WC and the Maad Circle which included a then-unknown rapper named Coolio.

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  1. PDXdave67

    Glasses with a low profile earpiece?

    looking for a very low profile pair of shooting glasses for my wife. These need to work underneath full over the ear muffs without digging into the side of her head. I have a set of Elvex RX500’s which are great, but you can’t get the in a non magnifying version. Any ideas would be great! Thanks
  2. h4344

    Low Profile Red Dot Options?

    So I just picked up a 22/45 Lite and I wanna get a red dot on it ASAP, however I am shying away from the $300 price tag I am seeing for the Vortex options. Does anyone else have experience with some good quality but inexpensive red dots they could recommend?
  3. 2

    SIG SAUER Low Profile QD Socket

    My post should have went to Gear & Accessories oops! The other night I began the search of QD Sling Sockets to find what options are available. I come across the Sig Sauer-Low Profile-QD Socket. Seeing it and the possibilities, I thought it's ideal for mounting behind (under) the folded front...
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