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Japanese may refer to:
Something from or related to Japan, an island country in East Asia
Japanese language, spoken mainly in Japan
Japanese people, the ethnic group that identifies with Japan through culture or ancestry
Japanese diaspora, Japanese emigrants and their descendants around the world
Foreign-born Japanese, naturalized citizens of Japan

Japanese writing system, consisting of kanji and kana
Japanese cuisine, the food and food culture of Japan

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  1. 6

    WTS OR  Tamiya- Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Heavy Cruiser Mogami

    Tamiya- Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Heavy Cruiser Mogami Tamiya 1/350 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Aircraft carrying Mogami model Kit The First Fleet Replenish Program of 1931 gave Japan a special allowance to build 50,955 tons worth of new light cruisers armed with 6-in guns. Construction of the...
  2. JustSomeGuy

    WWII Japanese Officer's Sword

    Waaaay off topic... My father was in the Philippines during WWII and brought back most of a Japanese Officer's sword. The tang (or whatever it's properly called) looks like it was shortened and another hole was punched/drilled through it. From my limited "research" I found that this was...
  3. kott0n

    Help identifying Japanese (?) rifle

    This was my uncles and he supposedly got it whilst in the Navy during vietnam. We're in the process of cataloging the family guns and I've never even seen this rifle in the collection before. My Dad gave me 3 different possible stories on it. Arisaka maybe? It has a bayonet and that shield...
  4. T

    Interesting conversation with Japanese woman friend last night...

    She is in USA for 17 years and holds citizenship in both countries. We talked about Japan and North Korea [she noted that NK and Japan have always had an enduring stress and strain] and the conversation evolved around to mostly American character and personal strengths or weaknesses of the...
  5. CountryGent

    Fun WW2 Gas Masks for Children

    In Range TV had an interesting video on vintage Civil Defense masks. In this case, the somewhat creepy* children's Mickey Mouse one. Anyway, I found it interesting and thought I'd pass it along. *It wasn't just me that though it a little weird. My four year old was wandering around and...
  6. Tinpanzer87

    WTS WA  Japanese Type 38

    up for sale is a been there and done that Type 38 rifle in 6.5mm Japanese with an original sling condition many battle marks, bruises & gouges, left side of stock at trigger area is cracked right side of stock just behind finger groove stock is cracked approx. 5" Japanese shiki character and...
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