Nambu may refer to:
Yoichiro Nambu, a Japanese American theoretical physicist
Kijiro Nambu, a Japanese gunmaker
Nambu pistol, Japanese firearm
New Nambu M60, Japanese revolver
Chūhei Nambu, a Japanese track-and-field athlete
Nambu (station), on the Busan Subway
Tokyo NAMBU, a part of the National Union of General Workers in Japan.

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  1. CountryGent

    Not all bottlenecks are necessarily bad ...

    As the batscat long work day is over at the present, and my wife and children are out my hair for a brief moment, pondering wacky adventures before I escape stealthy to light up a nice cigar. I find myself musing about running something bottlenecked automatic. I did for a short while with the...
  2. Caveman Jim

    Steve's (Sgt Nambu) Memorial

    As some of you may not know that I am honored to be one of the two people selected by the family to attend, sadly Ura-Ki will not be able to attend, I'll be missing you brother. I will show up with a heavy heart and will do my very best to represent the community here. I do not know if there...
  3. Hedrin

    Japanese Nambu Showa 18.12 (1943) Model 14

    Was looking through a bunch of really old stuff in storage, and I couldn't believe I came across a gun I totally forgot I had purchased. It would have been the mid 90's and I found it dirt cheap in an antique store on the Oregon Coast. If I am identifying it correctly, it looks like a Japanese...
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