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Hello is a salutation or greeting in the English language. It is first attested in writing from 1826.

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  1. hellotyler

    hello hello hello

    Old new guy, didn't get into guns until 2021 but I feel a lot better getting into them with some good resources on hand. Learning a lot online and practicing things like reloading and clearing jams with snapcaps while i'm off the range. Hope to meet or deal with some of you guys in the future...
  2. T

    Hello from west side

    Not super new to the area, I've been here since about 2009. Live in Vernonia and work in Beaverton. Had forgotten about this place even though I started my membership here back in 2011 and then never clicked on the confirmation email until today. Had some ammo to sell that I didn't want to ship...
  3. N

    Hello im a fng from Newport

    Hello all my name is Brian and Ive been trying to reach you to talk to you about your vehicles extended warranty ... Sorry had to do it. So I've been looking to get a new gun and googled best gun store in Oregon and found out about this place. Thanks for being here to answer all my dumb...
  4. G

    Hello fellow shooters and handloaders.

    Newby here, thanks for the addition. Been shooting and handloading for many years I specialize in long distance pistol but enjoy all aspects of the sport. Still trying to decide if I shoot to reload or reload to shoot. Started reloading in the early 1970's always on a single stage.
  5. aknielson

    I've been here for years but Hello!!

    I've been on here for years but really only ever read posts. Anyway, Hello!!
  6. Jason999

    Hello from Bonney Lake

    Hi everyone. So I'm not new to guns, I've just taken a decade long break from the hobby. Recently I've gotten back into .22 target shooting. Using my old BSA, that has a 32" barrel, with a martini-Henry action and peep sights. Despite preferring old firearms I have decided to try and build...
  7. Federal92x

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone. New member here, looking forward to getting to know some of you and being a part of this community.
  8. J

    Not a brand new guy, but saying hello again

    Hi All, somehow I missed the requirement to do an intro so doing that now. Been on this forum for about a year, and learned a ton. Looking forward to continuing to do so. Thanks! Jon
  9. D

    Hello - New Member from Oregon!

    Long time lurker but new member from Oregon!
  10. BlindSpider11

    Hello everyone!

    I am 27 years old and have been into firearms since I was 18. Neither my father or surviving grandfather were ever into firearms, so I had no experience with them as a child or teenager. But growing up I played tons of first-person shooters (video games) and was always fascinated by the various...
  11. digarza462

    Hello.... New to site

    Greeting from McAllen, TX. New to site and already seeing great stuff. Really big on NFA stuff and love to build my own SBR's. Really into Noveske stuff so primarily here to see what is out there for sale. This is the new 300 blackout sbr im working on right now just waiting for SOT to finish...
  12. salmon creek gary

    Time To Say "Hello"

    No spring chicken, I was already fully retired from a 40 year career with DOD when I settled in the Pacific Northwest a decade ago. A google hit brought me to NWFA, and I signed up in 2013 after visiting the site became a daily habit. Apparently I'd lurked so long that I just slipped into...
  13. Bacon Camp

    Hello! The Thousand Valleys Of The Umpqua Will Always Be Home.

    Hello. I live in PDX now. The timber industry went belly up and I left town, southern Oregon in the late 1980's Hunting and fishing were a way of life where I grew up. Bought my first gun at 14. Saved up all summer to buy a Winchester 30-30 model 94 and still have to this day. My dad took me...
  14. jerbear64

    Hello and new from Vancouver, Washington

    Hello, I am glad I decided to join Northwest Firearms. Should have done years ago. I been helping out at the Junior's program at Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club and have been involved since 2008 when my kids started shooting competitions in 3-Position rifle for USAS and NRA. Eager to contribute.
  15. Bsteinhauer28

    Hello All! New to NW Firearms

    Hello NWFA! My Name is Brandon, and I was pointed this way by a few people while I was out Arisaka/Mosin Hunting.
  16. Pvo

    Hello from Salem. Been here couple yrs !

    Hello all, My name is PVO , been here for couple yrs. love the site and peoples here? A lot of thing to learns/ share. Happy Easter to you all.
  17. Used To Hunt

    First time saying hello on this account? Or glitch in the Matrix...

    Hello everyone, I have been a happy NWFA member for a couple years and always encourage other shooters to join. I am also a classified ads junkie but do venture out into the other forums to make a fool of myself every once and a while. Above all I am a staunch supporter of individual freedom as...
  18. T

    Hello i just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello my name is John and I am from Cottage Grove Oregon. I joined this group mainly for the classifieds/Ammo section as I am on the hunt for a 9mm edc aswell as .380 self defense ammo but now that I have explored I am hooked on all the great info in the forums. Deffinitely going to be very...
  19. B

    Hello everyone!

    Hello from Snohomish. Lifelong firearm enthusiast, pistol, rifle, shotgun, bbgun, you name it. Off and on re-loader over the years, but that part was always for practical reasons, and I honestly didn't pay much attention or even enjoy it at all, was more of a utility to facilitate...
  20. bio990

    Hello NWFA!

    Thanks for welcoming me into the community. Lived in the PNW for almost my whole life. Interested in and like handgun shooting, shooting from holster, tactical rifle/carbine, plinking, fishing (all types both salt and fresh), building/ customizing firearms, etc. Would love to get info on the...
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