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  1. mwar15

    RomyG kit advice

    I have 3 RomyG kits all matching numbers. I ordered 5 back when they were *cough $75 I built 2. Now after not really being in the gun world for a long time, I want to get rid of the kits. I want to build a 6.5 and realize theses kits have appreciated and could find my build. My question is...
  2. Aero Denezol

    Frozen AK front sight post (elevation only)

    The front sight post/elevation on my WW/James River AK is frozen. I have already broken two front sight tools just trying to budge it. I have been using PB Blaster Penetrating Oil but I still need a tool that I can use to apply enough torque to free it.. Do any of you have any recommendations...
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