dry fire

Dry firing is the practice of "firing" a firearm without ammunition. That is, to pull the trigger and allow the hammer or striker to drop on an empty chamber. Dry firing may be mechanically damaging to some firearms – especially rimfire weapons, where the firing pin in most designs will impact the breech face if the weapon is dry-fired. Because of this, precautions (such as the use of snap caps) need to be taken if such a weapon is to be deliberately dry-fired.

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  1. h4344

    Rimfire 22lr Revolver safe to dry fire?

    Okay so first off I understand that dry firing any rimfire firearm is a bad idea and could cause damage. In this case I was wondering about a specific part on my cylinder. With the indents highlighted in the picture below would the striking hammer still impact the empty space or would it stop...
  2. scott_see

    Dry Fire or Air Pistol for in-home practice?

    So I know I'm supposed to dry fire to become a better shooter, but it's so freakin' boring. So I've taken up shooting my air pistols right in my office. I've got an Umarex Colt 1911 A1 and a Crosman 1733, both .177. I've got a bullet trap on the other side of the office. Do-All Bullet Box ...
  3. thorborg

    Help me dry fire in peace.

    Blessed with a wife most men cannot relate to, I received a laserlyte target and gun combo for Christmas. unfortunately, having large hands I quickly wore a blister on my trigger finger due to the smallish size of the gun. A light filing of the trigger corners helped but is really designed more...
  4. O

    Dry Fire Training Cards

    I just got these cards in the mail today, and I would say they are well worth the 17 bucks. Amazon.com: Dry Fire Training Cards: Sports & Outdoors Yes, research and other training systems may present the same information, but the format of the cards themselves is advantageous in itself as one...
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