An air gun (often called pellet gun or BB gun depending on the projectile) is any kind of small arms that propels projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to explosive propellant of a firearm. Both the rifle and handgun forms (air rifle and air pistol) typically propel metallic projectiles, either pellets, or BBs. Certain types of air guns, usually rifles, may also propel arrows or darts.

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  1. scott_see

    Dry Fire or Air Pistol for in-home practice?

    So I know I'm supposed to dry fire to become a better shooter, but it's so freakin' boring. So I've taken up shooting my air pistols right in my office. I've got an Umarex Colt 1911 A1 and a Crosman 1733, both .177. I've got a bullet trap on the other side of the office. Do-All Bullet Box ...
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