In signal processing, group delay is the time delay of the amplitude envelopes of the various sinusoidal components of a signal through a device under test, and is a function of frequency for each component. Phase delay, in contrast, is the time delay of the phase as opposed to the time delay of the amplitude envelope.
All frequency components of a signal are delayed when passed through a device such as an amplifier, a loudspeaker, or propagating through space or a medium, such as air. This signal delay will be different for the various frequencies unless the device has the property of being linear phase. The delay variation means that signals consisting of multiple frequency components will suffer distortion because these components are not delayed by the same amount of time at the output of the device. This changes the shape of the signal in addition to any constant delay or scale change. A sufficiently large delay variation can cause problems such as poor fidelity in audio or intersymbol interference (ISI) in the demodulation of digital information from an analog carrier signal. High speed modems use adaptive equalizers to compensate for non-constant group delay.

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  1. bentoncity

    National  H.R.8361 - Preventing Suicide Through Voluntary Firearm Purchase Delay Act

    Anyone seen this? H.R.8361 I'd appreciate it if someone can interpret it for me. I've read it three times & I'm still confused. Dan
  2. Komodoro

    Oregon  Oregon DOJ requests delay in some Ballot 114 provisions.
  3. Richo877

    Oregon  Judge says she’ll decide next week whether to delay new Oregon gun law
  4. Tdunn541

    Oregon  BG check delay mess

    Maybe someone could help me out with some advice. I purchased a rifle from Sportsman’s in August. I’ve never had a issue with BG checks. But it came back as being delayed. The Sportsmans manager called me to tell me and said expected delay date was mid October and gave me a number for OSP to...
  5. Deckard

    Oregon  Loooong Background check delay

    My Uberti .22 has been sitting in an FFL since February due to a delayed background check. I've had no changes to my legal status and purchased three other firearms without issue in the two years prior. None of the phone numbers on the OSP site provide any good info, nor have my calls, with...
  6. S

    Delay going on 15 months

    This is my 2nd delay in 10 years. The last one was in 2011, which was an issue with something on my record from WA state (happened in 2001). They pushed it though after a few weeks, and no other issues since. I bought gun in 2020 with no issues. Last year I got a delay, and finally got a call...
  7. Yarome

    National  18-20yr olds to get an automatic delay on NCIS BGC

    Well.. this is fun. Starting with a test run in Maine, and as part of the new enhanced BGC for 18-20yr olds recently passed in congress, all 18-20yr olds attempting to purchase a firearm will have an automatic delay... no cause required. Besides an auto 10day waiting period why does that suck so...
  8. _Will_

    Washington  10 day delay for pistols

    My local FFL ( first time using them. Pawn shop) told me Vancouver PD low on staff it could take 10 days to clear. I dont ever remember it taking it this long, except for semi auto long guns? Is this the current state of transfer backlogs? This is bananas..

    Oregon  No 2a senator in my state to help me with form1 delay, HELP

    How do I get help from a senator to clear up my form 1? It has been pending for 3 months now (actually 2 of them), and I live in Oregon with two VERY gun grabbing senators. I can see they will be of no help. Most apps get approved in 30 days or less. I have 2 chl’s, one from Oregon, one from...
  10. arakboss

    TIL if your toddler wants something, don't delay.
  11. Anonymous 510

    Interesting delay

    So it's interesting I've been buying and owning firearms legally for about 15 years only need delayed once. About 7 years ago... got delayed today on 3 lowers wtf???... Anyone else experience this lately??
  12. GWS

    WTF Background Check Delay In Clark County

    So I go down to BiMart to see what's going on with my handgun purchase from6/10 so they look me and see that I live in the County. They then tell me that Clark County Sheriff's background check system is down and has been down since April and I may have to wait 4 more weeks for my gun. They...
  13. Mark W.

    Has anyone ever got a call back from OSP on a delay?

    I'm going nuts its been 41 days since I was delayed. There is nothing on my record to cause a delay I have never been delayed before I have a CHL. I was told to call OSP given a number (I checked the number is correct for the challenge line). I have called this number 12 times over the past 42...
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